Super Easy Eyebrows: Clinique's Instant Lift for Brows

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I've never been the girl with the "perfect" eyebrows. I've always thought they were a bit too thick (though Anastasia herself told me not to thin them out, I'd regret it in 20 years), they grow a tad wonky and I've never really bothered to do the whole brow definition thing. I've tried some great brow products in the past, but always thought the difference they made wasn't worth all the time drawing little lines in my already brown eyebrows. What was the point?

Maybe it's because I finally found someone to shape my eyebrows regularly (Amanda! She is fab!), but their slightly thinner and more angular shape really seems to be crying out for something. Turns out that, yes, it is a little bit of definition! Strangely enough, I came home from my last shaping with Amanda to find a box from Clinique on my doorstep, with their new Instant Lift for Brows inside. Such timing!

This is a two side pencil, and you can automatically advance as needed. Both sides are a little softer than the "typical" pencils that you'd get that need sharpening. I advance the brown side very slightly beyond the angle of the tip (this helps it to shape to that angle, then I can use that sharper tip as needed), and simply lightly fill in my brows. I don't go crazy, just a few swipes along the entire brow help to emphasize the arch that I now have. I don't waste time with short strokes, filling in little areas, etc. A few swipes are really all that I seem to need, and I suddenly look much more polished. It seems to last all day long as well!

The highlighting end I haven't found quite as much use for. The color is a great pink/nude color with some shimmer, and if it was a few shades lighter it would be perfect for highlighting on my brow bone. Keep in mind that I'm super pale, on a more average toned person this shade would be great. For me it just happens to look a bit strange as it's too dark. I have been using it on the inner corner of my eye, and have found that the shimmer is subtle but enough to bring attention to the area. It lasts most of the day (unless I'm rubbing my eyes- oops!) and blends very easily.

Clinique Instant Lift for Brows

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Moni said...

Where do you get your brows done? I vacillate between not doing anything and going to the threader in the mall, but I'd like to find someone permanent. Thanks!

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