Maximum Lash: Will it Work for Me?

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I think we all remember the eye lash conditioner drama of 2008, in which one prominent eye lash conditioner company was forced to reformulate their product and remove a glaucoma medicine (which they didn't have the rights to use) from their product.

Since then, there's been a huge explosion of eye lash conditioners on the market. While none make the "claim" that your eye lashes will grow, they usually claim something along the lines of longer, fuller looking lashes. And then they show you images of amazing befores and afters. Which can be yours for $100 or more.

In the past I have tried to do a similar series (with the reformulated product of the above well known company), but got side tracked and I was inconsistent with use of the conditioner. My own fault. But, I get asked a lot by friends and family if any of these products work, and I feel horrible recommending a product that costs over $100. It was time to retest a product (and actually remember to use it!), so that's where Maximum Lash comes in.

Maximum Lash makes the same claims of other lash conditioners. They will help to strengthen, fortify and enhance your lashes. Lashes will appear healthier, longer and stronger. All in 4 to 6 weeks of use! Their formula contains ingredients such as Biotin (proven to improve both nail and hair growth and strength in clinical studies when taken orally), Copper Peptides, Vitamins and a prostaglandin analogue (I'm not sure what that does for the lashes, but it's there, and I do NOT know if it is the same one that caused the other company issues,there are a lot of analogs). Most of this is similar to other companies. Maximum Lash is safe for contact users (like me), and since it is water based you can use it if you have eye lash extensions and it won't interfere with using false eyelashes. What really sets it apart is that the 3 month supply tube is half the price of other companies.

So, the tube is now sitting next to my toothbrush. I will not forget to use it every night! Check back every Friday to see how I'm progressing. I'll be posting update pics like this. With no makeup (Scary! I'm 32, so pretty happy about the lack of crow's feet in these pics, not too happy about the circles under my eyes though.), no retouching, I haven't even curled my lashes. You can really see how my lashes look without the interference of liner or mascara.

A girl on a makeup forum I frequent recently commented (about me, it was strange reading a post about me) that "she has sparse lashes to begin with..." Honestly, my lashes are pretty average. The whole point is that I'm not starting with crazy long lashes. I could care less how those people do, they're already starting with something great. I'm average, that's the point. Hopefully this helps some readers!

Maximum Lash


  1. I'm glad you're doing this- I've been curious about the whole lash growing thing, so I'll be back :)

  2. great blog! love the tips

    come follow the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think

  3. Nice blog you got here... Just droppin' by to say hi!

  4. What is the result of MaximumLash now that you are using it for more than 7 months? Thank you!

  5. I second the Anonymous reply. You've got week 1, what about up until now? Did you stop using it?

  6. I posted my results after 11 weeks here, though I stopped after that because I had other lash products to review. It didn't show up well in the images, but I did have a really good result with the Maximum Lash. My lashes were so long that I had problems putting on mascara! It took about 12 weeks before I felt my lashes were "back to normal" and ready to try out a new product.


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