Is there a Cellulite Gene?

As someone who just this morning was trying on new bathing suits, I definitely had this topic on the brain. I admit it, I'm tall and of a fairly average size (size 6/8, I'm definitely not big), but I was a bit dismayed to see dimpling. I'm hoping to hide a bit of this with sunless tanner when I hit the beach on vacation next month, but lucky for me I have a husband that didn't seem to notice anything.

But, it seems that researchers may have found something that can help women like me! There are some genes implicated in cellulite. I hope this leads to some treatments that actually work!

Read about it over at New Beauty


  1. I know there are some people who get cellulite at a younger age even though they are thin. I did not have any cellulite until I was in my early 40's even though I was 25 pounds overweight after pregnancy in my 30's. I think the same goes for stretch marks. I never got any despite my waist growing from 24" before pregnancy to 44" during my first pregnancy.

  2. I'm about the same size as you, and I've always had tons of cellulite. I know like 90% of women have it, so it's a shame that we all hate it so much. And yeah my boyfriend claims he doesn't notice it either. The only time I ever got rid of my cellulite was when I didn't have any money (so I hardly ate), and I ended up dropping down to a size 2.


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