I Die! SJP on Vogue's May Cover!

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I got a Vogue in my mailbox today. I was insanely disappointed though, it turned out to be my March issue way too late rather than the new May one. (In Vogue's defense, I had let my subscription lapse during the cross-country move and the March coming was the new subscription starting.)

Why was I so disappointed that it wasn't the May issue? Because of SJP.

The woman is amazing. I want to be her. I think every woman over the age of 20 wants to be her. And since I can't be her, I want to have moments of channeling her and her fabulousness. I want to walk down the street in NYC in heels and an amazing outfit. Or Paris. Or Chicago. Somewhere that there are lots of people and they look at me and say "oh, she's have a SJP moment."

And really, what makes her so amazing isn't just how she dresses or that she was in Sex & The City, it's that she seems so insanely normal while she does it. She's married to Matthew Broderick, who seems so cute and normal, not at all warped by his success of Ferris Bueller. She has her cute son. We see pics of her being an actual mom and walking him to school. Not to mention the twin girls we see her carry around in a Baby Bjorn like a regular mom. We hear stories of her non-divaness. And then we hear that she's producing, she's acting and somehow the woman has time for becoming the president and chief creative officer of Halston? How does she have time to do all of this?

It turns out there's a secret to being SJP, and she let the cat out of the bag.
How many hours are there in the day, Sarah Jessica Parker? “Well, there are 42 hours in the day,” she tosses back.

Really, that made me crack up. And wish that I had 42 hours in my day.

You can read the article on the Vogue site, Parker Power. And even though I've already read the article and seen the picture, you know that I'll be checking the mailbox everyday waiting for that May issue.

I also recommend checking out the behind the scenes video

Image courtesy of Mario Testino/Vogue
Text from Vicki Woods/Vogue


  1. Seeing this post in the morning has officially made my day! I love me some SJP. I can't wait to get mine! Thanks for the great news :)

  2. Ahh I love SJP as well!! She's just so classy. I will have to get this ASAP! Can't wait for the new SATC movie :)

    I know a lot of people who do not like her, and I don't understand it. She just seems so sweet and fun and down-to-earth.

    Thanks for the links to the behind the scenes.


  3. Wonderful blog, i recently come to your blog through Google excellent knowledge keep on posting you guys.

  4. Seeing this cover makes me upset that My Vogue subscription ended. I can't wait to see the movie and pick up a cover of the May issue. Thanks for sharing

  5. I'm so glad you love her, too! So many people hate on her, but I think she is so wonderful, in so many ways!


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