A Drugstore Find: Dial Body Wash

dial body wash, review
In an attempt to shake myself of a body wash rut, I decided to try out a few alternative products.

My goals for a body wash:
• Yummy smelling
• Nice foaming action
• Gentle and not overdrying
• I wanted to try out products that were available at any mass market store such as Walmart
• Moisturizing: This might be the main reason I've been stuck on the super hydrating Dove and Olay body washes. I have ezcema on my legs, and I do better if my body wash is hydrating (this is on top of using heavy, moisturizing creams right after my shower)
• Oh yeah, it should also make me feel clean!

First up was Dial. When I think of Dial, I personally think of their famous bar soap, which has always been much too harsh for my skin. So, I was somewhat skeptical that a Dial body wash would fulfill my requirements without turning me into a dry and scaly mess.

I tried out two different body washes from Dial. The first was their Anti-Oxidant formula. True, anti-oxidants do have quite a few skin benefits, but I am ever the skeptical doctor and always wonder how many of them will just end up getting washed down the drain. I'm sure some of them stick around. But, a much better reason to try this body wash would be the amazing scent! The cranberry is pretty amazing, I have to admit. The foaming action was good, it got me clean and rinsed off easily. I didn't have irritation, but I didn't think that this body wash was hydrating enough for me. Though, it isn't meant to be a hydrating body wash, just a body wash, so that should come as no surprise.

So, I tried out the NutriSkin Body Washes next. If you look closely you'll see little beads in those bottles, and inside of those beads is a fruit oil. I love those little beads, because they transform what is otherwise a light body wash into a body wash that is just as hydrating as the most creamy of Olay body washes. It's great to have a change from those heavy body washes now that spring is here. I'm also somewhat obsessed with the yummy fruit scents- they're light and very fresh.

Dial Body Wash

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