Charging You Up All Night: Neutrogena Clinical's Night Facial Lifting Wrinkle Treatment

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You know I couldn't try out Johnson and Johnson's new biolectricity products without trying out a Neutrogena product (yes, I admit, I kinda love that brand), or ignore that most of us like a little more heavy duty anti-aging product at night.

Just like all of the other brands, the first step to using this product is to apply the activator (here called ion2 complex) to areas of concern. I applied it to pretty much my entire forehead and around my mouth and in my eye area.

The Biomineral concentrate has a light blue/grey color (it reminds me of a blueberry), and you can see looking at the picture that the Step 1 product for each of the brands looks identical (they all have the same ingredients, they truly are the same), so just use whatever Step 1 product you want without worrying about mixing up the brands.

Step 1 has silicone in it, allowing it to apply very smoothly wherever you apply it. It sinks into skin immediately without leaving any residual texture on the skin. Even on my pale skin you could not see the color of Step 1, it was invisible on my skin.

Step 2 is a light creme without any scent. It applies easily and feels great as it sinks in. This product does take a few minutes to completely sink in, which didn't bother me at all since I was not going to be applying makeup over it. I didn't have any residual product left on my skin, and over all I felt the product was very moisturizing. It definitely contributed to the well moisturized and glowy skin I had during my trial of these products.

Neutrogena has some impressive clinical results that they've found from using this product, including an 11x increase in Elastin gene expression and 2x increase in Collagen gene expression in human skin, at 5 days. After 7 days of application they found 90% more new elastin fibers and 20% more new collagen fibers. Truly, this is pretty unheard of in the anti-aging world. The results are amazing!

My Anti-Aging Ingredient Checklist

Hydroxy Acid: Glycolic Acid
Additional: The electricity recharging system

Neutrogena Clinical Night Treatment
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