Aveeno's Ageless Vitality SPF 30: Recharging Your Skin Every Morning

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Yesterday I shared with you the science behind Johnson & Johnson's new bioelectricity Anti-Aging products. I've been lucky enough to try out three of the products, so watch for reviews each of the next three days.

The first product is probably my favorite (just look at that SPF number!!), Aveeno's Ageless Vitality Day product with SPF 30. Yes, 30. How often do you see such a high SPF number in a daily moisturizer? It's actually pretty rare, and most of the products with such a high SPF are made by Johnson & Johnso. (Aveeno, Neutrogena and Roc. I'm having problems thinking of any other company that makes such high daily SPF products, most derm lines are SPF 15 even.)

The first step to using this product is to apply the "Biomineral Concentrate" to areas of concern. I applied it to pretty much my entire forehead and around my mouth and in my eye area.

The Biomineral concentrate has a light blue/grey color (it reminds me of a blueberry), and you can see looking at the picture that the Step 1 product for each of the brands looks identical (they all have the same ingredients, they truly are the same), so just use whatever Step 1 product you want without worrying about mixing up the brands.

Step 1 has silicone in it, allowing it to apply very smoothly wherever you apply it. It sinks into skin immediately without leaving any residual texture on the skin. Even on my pale skin you could not see the color of Step 1, it was invisible on my skin.

The second step is a moisturizer, which comes in an air tight pump. (Have I told you before how much I love that type of packaging? It keeps products fresh since you aren't dipping your bacteria laden fingers in, and it's so much easier to get the right amount!) I used 2 pumps of the moisturizer for both my face and my neck, but 1 pump was just the right amount for my entire face. It is a thick lotion, not quite a creme consistency, ivory in color. I didn't really notice any smell from this product, which I thought was amazing considering the SPF. It felt very silky going on and sinking in to my skin it felt amazing. I love the feeling of a great moisturizer going in to my skin. It only took a minute or two, and there was no residual smell or oiliness on my skin. I had no issues applying makeup over this product, if anything I was so hydrated that foundation went on perfectly.

So, after about 4 weeks of this product did I notice any difference in my skin? While I don't have wrinkles or other aging problems (hence, I can't comment on those effects), I did notice that my skin was fantastic. I didn't have clogged pores, I seemed a bit more glowy, and I was overall really happy to have found a great daily moisturizer that had SPF 30 (!!) and didn't cause issues with makeup application or an overwhelming sunscreen smell/feel.

I can't write about this product without mentioning the crazy amazing clinical results that they've found. I wish I was able to share the pictures with you, but I have actually seen images of skin biopsies and graphs of results that shocked me. With use of this product they found about a 11x increase in Elastin gene expression and 2x increase in Collagen gene expression in human skin. At 5 days. The skin biopsies for the Aveeno product I saw were actually from pigs (which have skin surprisingly similar to that of a human, it's pretty common for pigs to sub in for humans), and the before and after pictures of 8 weeks of application were amazing in the amount of collagen and elastin. Really, this stuff works.

My Anti-Aging Ingredient Checklist

Anti-Oxidants: Vitamin E (Tocopheryl Acetate)
Additional: The electricity recharging system that I explained yesterday

Along with being SPF 30 this product offers broad spectrum UV coverage without the typical sunscreen feel or even smell!

Aveeno Ageless Vitality Day SPF 30
Aveeno offers $15 off if you register on their website


  1. WOW. Great Review. I will definitively try this out...especially since one can find Aveeno in many groceries’ stores! Great product and accessible!

  2. Use some pliers and a knife to cut open the plastic packaging and you will find a lot of plastic, a couple of metal springs and virtually no product. It is a packaging scam. Don't waste your money. Avon does the same thing.

  3. Anon-
    The point of the packaging like that is not to make you think that a lot more product is there (the box is labelled with the amount), but rather to minimize the amount of air contact the product has. Many companies will do this because the air exposure can inactivate the product. Personally, I'd rather have the packaging this way.

  4. That stuff really works and I love it.


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