Anti-Aging 101: Coming Soon!

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I think it's likely my age, and that of my friends (early 30's) that's resulted in this anti-aging discussion happening over and over. It goes something like this:

"Christine, so you have this beauty website, right?"
"So, you get to try out lots of skin care and you do all of those anti-aging reviews, right?"
"Yup" (Notice how talkative I get, I know exactly where this discussion is going)
"So, what really works? I don't want to get wrinkles. What should I go and buy right now."

Honestly, I've found it a bit hard to answer that question. I have tried a ton of products. I've tried creams in the $10 price range that you get at Walmart, and I've done the $350 exclusive creams. The truth is that there isn't one cream out there that is it. There are all sorts of things that cause you to age. There are a huge number of ways to fight aging, some of which are less "active" than others, meaning they are really more preventative. And that's not even taking into account that everyone's skin reacts differently. So, the $350 cream that made me break out (yes, there is one), might be perfect for you.

So, what to do? I've decided that it's time to look a bit more closely at what aging is and what you can do to fight it. I have posts on here about different active ingredients and how they work (do a quick search for things like Retinoids, Peptides and Anti-Oxidants and you'll see that they're there), though some of them are years old. The blog doesn't have a lot of info on what causes you to age and the simple things you can do to fight it.

So, I'm starting a new series. Every Monday will be Anti-Aging Monday. Initially I'll discuss factors that cause us to age, some of which we may (or may not) be able to do anything about. Then I'll update a few of those old posts about different skincare ingredients and discuss if they do or do not work. At some point I may even take a giant leap and tell you what I tell friends and family members that I've had the above discussion with. There are a few products and things that I tell everyone about.

So, stay tuned!


  1. Can't wait to read about your new series. I'm in my late 20s so I'm looking at anti-aging products as well.

  2. I am really excited about your new series. All of us could use some sound advice on how to prevent/delay aging!

  3. Hi C! I LOVE this idea of yours! It is so hard to find reliable information on aging, as most sources seem to be affiliated with products and are, therefore, biased. Ageing and skin forums are a good place to begin, but are subjective and anecdotal. I also find that I have less and less time to read the primary lit. on these ingredients or methods. Thanks for stepping up; I can't wait for next Monday!

  4. I'm so excited for this series! I'm also at the age where I'm just starting to think about things like under-eye creams and wrinkle prevention and everything out there is so overwhelming. I can't wait to see what you recommend!


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