Amusing Links to Check Out

All Lacquered Up attempts a water marble manicure and shares her frustrations with the technique.

Nancy from Beauty411 has compiled a Mother's Day Fragrance Gift Guide.

I'm a big fan of makeup brushes, but an even bigger fan when they don't cost a bundle. KarlaSugar checked out the new Walmart brushes, and it sounds like they're a steal!

To help prevent you from looking like a clown, Style & Beauty Doc created a guide to tell you which NARS blush to use based on your skin tone.

Dr. Mukho is a fellow physician beauty blogger (ha! I'm not the only one!) and here she discusses washing your hair with conditioner, something I've never thought of doing. But, what I really enjoyed about this post is her description of what physicians go through to feel clean after taking care of their patients! I was cracking up- it's so true! I don't get sprayed with body fluids after a birth (I'm peds critical care, not OB-Gyn), but I definitely come home and scrub like crazy after admitting and taking care of critical ill kiddos that are infected.


  1. Dear Christine,
    Thank you so much for mentioning me on your blog. You've given me a lot of new visitors today, and you've made my day.. no actually, you made my decade :) :)
    That one year of internship was what pushed me into a relatively nonclinical postgrad, but I've discovered that public health comes with its own risks, both real and imagined. I fell victim to Chicken pox at the ripe old age of twenty-six, and I actually gained nearly 5 kgs trying to keep the MDR TB at bay through better nutrition :P
    Anyway, thanks once again, have a great day and keep on blogging :) :)

  2. Oh no! Chicken pox at 26?? That is definitely NOT fun.

    Thanks for that great post, I really identified with it. I'm going to keep lurking on your site!

  3. Hi Christine!

    Thanks for the mention as well :)


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