Prom 2010: Inspiration from Maria Grachvogal's Spring 2010 Runway

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I have to admit, that this look is a tad scarier looking when you look at the model above. Please ignore her Brooke-style eye brows. This look is not about giant eye brows! Really, look at her clear and glowy skin. The red va-va-voom lip stick. Then click below for the rest of this post, and when you see the inspiration for this look you'll understand why I picked it.

So, the inspiration is actually Princess Margaret and Tippi Hedron (from Marnie, not from The Birds if that makes a difference). Think great, luminous skin (though for the runway James said "This look is not about the glowing skin underneath- it’s about the makeup" I feel that this look translates over to real life a bit better if the skin really shines), red classic lips and defined brows. The lip for the runways was rich and luxurious looking with a matte finish, balanced by a strong brow. For the runway they balanced everything with a bare eye.

Souce: Maria Grachvogel, Spring/Summer 2010 Runway
Created by: James Boehmer, NARS Cosmetics International Lead Makeup Artist

• Use Concealer to cover imperfections
• Layer NARS Sheer Matte Foundation over the entire face
• Set with NARS Eden Loose Powder for a flawless, matte finish

• Dust NARS D.Gorgeous Eyeshadow on the eyelids
• Coat lashes with NARS Eden Loose Powder, caking them to appear thicker but at the same time lightening them for a completely bare eye
• In small strokes, fill in brows with NARS London Eyeliner Pencil, avoiding any dramatic arch but instead drawing it flat out towards the temples

• Heavily line and fill in lips with NARS Amazon Lipliner Pencil, accentuating the cupid’s bow and rounding out the bottom lip
• Apply a layer of NARS Dragon Girl Velvet Matte Lip Pencil to create a bright red hue

• Apply NARS Nico Blush to give a subtle hint of highlighting
• Dust Desire Blush in round, circular movements onto the apples of the cheeks
• Finish with NARS Taj Mahal Blush, blending it in with the pink cheeks and up towards the temples

Tips for translating this look to real life:
• Consider less foundation coverage with either a tinted moisturizer (if you can get away with it) or a lighter foundation. The look does still require flawless appearing skin, so you should still eliminate imperfections with concealer.
• Define your brow with a pencil, though with a less dramatic look.
• While a nude eye might be great on the runway, in real life you likely do need a bit more in this area, particularly for a formal event. I would use a light, non-frost based eye shadow that has a bit of shimmer if you like. Personally, I would use NARS Biarritz over the lid with Edie as a bit of highlight. For a lot of drama one could go all out liquid eye liner, but I think a little black eye liner for extra definition in the lash line is more in keeping with the original. Finish the eye by curling your lashes and then using a little lengthening mascara like NARS Larger than Life lengthening mascara.

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  1. I'm not a big fan of big eyebrows and i know this post is not abot them. but i looove thoes fabulous dark red lips and here skin is amazing too.


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