Pantene's Full & Thick: Somehow Softer than Hair Should Ever Be

Pantene Full and Thick review, shampoo, conditioner
I remember in high school being a big jealous of the girls who used Pantene. I'm not sure why, I was blessed in the hair care department with a mom who "forced" me to use salon products (oh no! The Aveda!), and I loved those products. But I had a few good friends that used Pantene and they were girls that had great hair. I somehow decided in my head that Pantene=super soft and great smelling hair.

Which, it turns out is not too terribly far from the truth.

I probably have about 5 different kinds of Pantene currently awaiting review in my beauty closet. So, when I was recently thinking it was time to review a new combo, I decided to try one of them out. The Full & Thick line is aimed at those with fine, fragile hair that want more their hair to look full, thick and have the strength needed to prevent breakage and overall ugliness. While I have fine hair, I do have a lot of it. So, I wasn't as worried about my hair looking full, mostly I was interested in seeing if this product could condition enough to make my hair look healthy without weighing it down like some other Pantene products have.

I thought that this combination did a pretty good job of reaching the stated objectives. The shampoo was clear, produced a good lather and rinsed out pretty easily, leaving behind clean hair that did not feel like it was stripped of all natural oils. The conditioner was white and creamy without being heavy. Both products have the same light floral scent, which I liked to smell when my hair moved around but wasn't so overwhelming that it was noticeable at other times.

But the real question- how did my hair like this combination? Well, it was definitely not weighed down. My hair was insanely soft, which strangely enough did make my hair feel a little finer than normal. Obviously these products can't actually shrink the size of hair shafts, so I'm not sure what trickery was going on, but there you go. So, my hair was super soft, feeling a bit finer, but overall not weighed down at all. The volume was terrific, which helped with styling my hair.

But, back to that softness a second. It was actually somewhat distracting how incredibly soft my hair was. This was hair that I wanted to pet all day long. I literally would walk around touching and playing with my hair. It felt amazing! It isn't like my hair isn't well conditioned and soft usually, somehow this combo made my hair feel like cashmere or something. I ruined a few good hair days doing this.

So, in the end, super soft and manageable hair with good volume. Just be careful that you don't enjoy the softness too much!

Pantene is available at Walmart and similar mass market retailers


  1. And now I have my next d/s shampoo must-buy! I keep on hearing such great things about Pantene but have never tried it for some reason!

  2. I have been using Pantene for ages but haven't tried this new one. Gotta try this soon! :)


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