Sunday, March 07, 2010

My Skin: Help Navigate the Confusing World of Skin Care

There's a great new website that I just had to share with you! is a great new site that will recommend the perfect skin care products to you. Simply fill out a questionaire about yourself, where you live (obviously, being in Alaska vs. Hawaii makes a difference) and your skin type. The next step is putting in products you either currently use or have used in the past. You'll need to rate the product on how it over all worked for you and then on individual characteristics like smell. The system takes all of these things into account to recommend new products for you.

I think what I liked the most about this site was the accuracy of the recommendations. I put in the bare minimum of products (only 3), and it recommended what it thought would work for me. Many are products that have worked well for me in the past, which I loved! The recommendations run the gamut from Neutrogena to Clinique and even smaller brands like Boscia.

To join please use the invite code "15min"

Disclaimer: Nothing to disclose here, they told me about their site, I thought it was cool.... I have no formal relationship with them and get nothing from you joining this site.


All Women Stalker said...

Cool beans! I'm checking it out right now...

Tara said...

My recommendations make no sense. A body wash for a cleanser? Half of the stuff I've never even heard of. I'm in Ontario, Canada, and I'm not one to go anywhere besides drugstores and big chain stores for my makeup and skin care products. And I know most of the stuff recommended for me I couldn't find in either place. I gave over 20 products, you think the computer could tell that I don't shop small store brands.

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