Markers For Your Face: Cover Girl Outlast Lipstain

I go through phases of using lip stains. I'll have months where I want to use a lip stain every day, and then I'll decide I want a lighter lip and forget that I even own lip stains. I'm starting to get back into a lip stain cycle, and it's largely been sparked by Cover Girl's new Outlast Lipstain.

This super affordable lip stain (seriously, it's about 1/4 the price of my previous favorite Benetint) comes in a huge array of colors. It looks just like a marker and is just as easy to use. The stain is very forgiving and easy to just draw on to your mouth. I do "smack" my lips together afterwards to help evenly distribute the color and I'm set. The color lasts for 6-8 hours and is amazing under a translucent lip gloss.

I started out with a Flirty Nude sample that was mailed to me. I've bought Teasing Blush and Everbloom Kiss since then. I use 1 layer of the colors when I use them (better with my pale complexion), but you could very easily darken the intensity with just another layer.

I'm hoping that Cover Girl realizes what a winner this product is and keeps it around for a long, long time. It's my new holy grail lip stain!

Cover Girl Outlast Lipstain


  1. Nice! Thanks for the Tip; I go through lip stains like water so yeah. This is cool!


  2. I love these lip stains!! The only thing is that they only last a couple of months until they dry up :(

  3. I miss when you would post photos of stuff!

  4. I actually really didn't like these lip stains because it felt like they dried up and didn't work almost immediately. Another lower-price version that I really liked is the Sephora brand lip stain. If you apply it with a light hand, it has a very natural color - like you just ate a popcicle!

  5. anon- Since they're stains they're actually meant to dry up pretty much immediately. For more color just layer!


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