Jolly Rancher in a Lip Gloss Tube: Cover Girl's Shine Blast

I am a lip gloss addict. I have lip glosses from pretty much every brand imaginable. They are stashed throughout the house, in all of my purses, coat pockets, multiple locations in my car and even in my office at work. In order to be considered "stashable" (meaning, good enough to be available at any given time and a worthy lip gloss) a gloss must feel great going on, feel hydrating, not be sticky, have great shine and not taste funky. Lasting a few hours is always a bonus, though I'm more flexible on that point than on others.

Most of the stashed lip glosses are from MAC. I've had trouble finding mass market lip glosses that fulfill enough of the criteria that they don't just get tossed out immediately. To be fair Cover Girl WetSlicks do get stashed and there were some lip glosses from Max Factor that also made the grade. Too bad Max Factor is no longer available in the US. I've yet to find a good lip gloss from the other mass market brands. I won't name them here, but I've bought and tried most of the glosses you can buy at Target or CVS and thrown them out immediately.

Well, Cover Girl's new Shine Blast lip gloss is one of the few mass market lip glosses to make it to my stashes. These lip glosses are light and feel hydrating on my lips. Don't let the super bright colors fool you, they are actually fairly translucent and just provide a flattering wash of color. The shine factor is good but not overwhelming (great for every day use), and there is just enough shimmer to keep me happy. The gloss lasts for a few hours as well. The best part? Watermelon Jolly Ranchers. I swear. To me, they smell just like the candy. The flavor is definitely there, though not as strong as you'd expect given the scent, which is good because I'd just lick it off immediately.

Cover Girl Shine Blast


  1. Really! You're totally a lip gloss addict with that number of lip gloss found everywhere. It looks like a collection of just a certain beauty product.

  2. Hello! Just came across your blog and LOVE IT! I am definitely hooked now!

    Have a fabulous day!!

    xoxo Erica

  3. Fantastic! Jolly Rancher! I would just have to apply it often since I might just eat it LOL :)
    Nice! a Must try.



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