Good Hair Day in a Box, By Redken

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During my blogging break, I was determined to find some great beauty items on my own, with no input from publicists, press releases or even other bloggers. I wanted to walk into stores and discover something amazing.

Actually it happened. See those 2 cans there? I discovered those in the clearance section of ULTA! It was a box, marked down to about $8 or something insanely low. Two cans. The box promised incredible volume and hold. It said to use Guts 10 Spray Foam on wet hair, blow dry, then curl and set using the Forceful 23 Finishing Spray. Big bouncy curls that last all day? Sign me up! That box quickly went in to my basket.

I love these cans. The products in them are amazing. The Guts Foam sprays onto your hair, quickly foaming up like a mouse. It is easy to control the direction of the spray, whether you want volume and put it on your roots or more hold and put it on the rest of your hair (I like both, so I separate hair and put it in a few root areas then spray it down the length of my hair). I use a wide tooth comb to distribute it evenly throughout my wet hair. I then blow dry as usual. Since I use this product on days that I plan to curl my hair I don't take the extra time to perfectly straighten my hair. I just get it dry, fairly straight using my paddle brush and I do a lot of the drying with my head flipped over to keep volume.

Next I set my hair with hot rollers. I know, it's very 1980's of me, but I love hot rollers! The curl really does last all day, and it's pretty fast to roll my hair quickly and let them cool while I put on makeup. With a curling iron doing the same look can take me about 45 minutes, instead of the 3 minutes or so to roll my hair. I use an older version of these Conair curlers, which I love for the different sizes available in 1 set. I use the medium and large sized rollers, dividing hair into about 1 to 2 inch sections depending on the curler size. Really I'm not at all scientific about it, I just grab chunks of hair based on about how big they need to be to set all of my hair without using the really little curlers. I roll the bottom 1/2 to 1/3 of my hair around the curler and then roll the whole thing up to hold the curler in the hair. I wait until it all cools down, then take out the curlers. I run my fingers through my hair to separate the curls since my aim is to have waves, not spiral curls. I finish with a few sprays of the Finishing spray.

The end result is a lot of volume, with pretty waves. I had my hubby take this pic of my hair from behind, which shows some of the waves. This picture was taken at 8:30 pm, and my hair looks the same as it did at 8:30 am!

Overall I'm very happy. I love this look. My hair has great volume, the wave stays all day, and my hair is actually touchable. It doesn't feel crunchy or sticky (it does feel like there is product in it, but I don't feel the need to wash my hair after touching it).

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