Where to Buy Great Travel Beauty Items

With my recent trip to California, recent discussions at home regarding two upcoming trips for me, and then talking about travel to Italy for some of my family, it's no wonder I have travel beauty on the brain!

There was extensive discussion last week about what beauty products to bring on a long trip. Where to buy said products? Do you stick to the bare essentials or bring extra products like skin treatment products?

We all have our favorite ways to bring beauty products with us when we travel. It's up to you whether you want to decant your favorites into smaller sizes or splurge on all new small travel sizes. I thought I'd share a few of my favorite products which ever way you choose to travel, then watch for the big list of places to buy travel sizes on the web. Let me know if you have a favorite site!

There's a reason this picture isn't all numbered. I've tried pretty much every travel bottle out there. I've bought them at luggage stores, fancy travel stores in the mall, and from on-line/mail order companies, Walmart, Target, you name it. The only empty bottles that haven't leaked on me are the Nalgene bottles. I have no issues with little bottles that the products come in, my problems are the empty bottles that I decant in.

So, I only recommend Nalgene bottles. You can find them at REI or other outdoor stores. Quite a few travel stores sell them now. I prefer to buy them separately and not in a pre-made set. Then I can make sure I have a 2 ounce wide mouth bottle for my conditioner, or a 1 ounce bottle with a spout for my facial cleanser. Make sure you label them with what is inside. I've come back 6 months later and had to empty out bottles because I can't tell if that's a conditioner or body lotion.

On-line you can buy them separately at The Container Store. What kind of bag you put them in from there is up to you!

1. Bliss Sinkside Six-Pack: This little bag of Bliss (pun intended) actually has a lot of my favorite travel items. The Fabulous Foaming Face Wash is my travel face wash of choice, the Body Butter is often found in my 3-1-1 bag and I have used (and loved) the Shampoo & Conditioner included in this set. The soap is fine, but I'm not a bar soap girl.

2. I love to bring facial items with me on a trip (never know how my skin will react to a few hours on a plane) and Lisa Hoffman's Spa Facial Packette is truly amazing! It has a ton of steps, is super hydrating, and when I reviewed it on a trip, it left me glowy! They also make packettes that have day and night skin routines, body products for shower and bath, but my favorite is the facial.

3. Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisturizer, SPF 15: Are you tired of me talking about this moisturizer yet?

4. Frederic Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Sheer Shine Mist: Somehow, Glossing Mist makes up for my hair being frizzy or not quite styled correctly if I'm traveling. I reviewed it here.

5. Olay Daily Facials: I love to buy little travel sizes of these facial cloths (usually at Target or Walmart, they have 15 in each pack). They are great for 3-1-1 bags, for quick freshening up in the afternoon if you don't want to redo your whole face, or to just take it all off at night.

The List of Stores!
I've linked to the travel sized items at some of my favorite sites. Some of these places are geared towards travel, some to beauty and some just have a great selection.
3 Fluid Ounces
Amazon.com: Surprisingly enough, this might be the largest selection of high end brands.
Container Store
Derm Store
Dermalogica (search for kits, they have great kits that even come in a carrying case)
Flight 101
Lisa Hoffman Skincare
Molton Brown
Oscar Blandi
Sephora Travel Minis
Skin Store

I'm sure I received some small sizes of items from companies listed above, like Kiehls. I'm sure I've repurchased those multiple times knowing my great love for Kiehls. But you know, disclosing...

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