The Eyeliner Even My Husband Notices: Buxom Insider Liner

I am not one of those girls that lines her entire eye with liner. I love eye liner on the top lid. On the bottom lid? Meh... Not so much. I remember reading somewhere when I was in high school that lining your lower lid was "out" and would make your eyes look smaller. That didn't sound like something I was interested in. My eyes are big, and I wanted to keep them that way. So, while other teenage girls were learning to line their lower eye, I just... wasn't. I didn't start putting liner around my lower eyelid until this fall.

What changed? I went to New York for a beauty blogging event and stayed in a hotel near Times Square. Pretty much I checked in to my hotel and high tailed it to the Times Square Sephora. They carry exclusives, and I had to find them! Which was a bust. Everything was out of stock. What I did pick up was this eye liner. I was intrigued by the idea that it was created just for the inner rim of the eye.

I finally broke out this eye liner about 6 weeks ago and began the experimentation. I am not the best at lining my lower lash line (I blame this on my lack of experience during high school), but I seem to be doing pretty well. I like to run this through the lash line itself and then a little bit onto the inner rim as well. I smudge using a MAC 266 brush and that's it. The liner goes on very smoothly and evenly. It's easy to blend out if I use the brush right away. The liner does not smudge later in the day, and it seems to last all day on me.

So, what is this about my husband? I've noticed that on the days I use this liner on my lower lash line, he says something. The other day we were eating lunch at Panera and he even commented directly on how great my eyeliner and mascara made my eyes look. Really. (My mascara was Cover Girl LashBlast and then LashBlast Lengths over that.)

I've been using the black eye liner, but on my next Sephora trip I'll likely be picking up the white to play with as well.

Bare Escentuals Buxom Insider Liner


  1. Did this stay on your waterline all day? I have the toughest time finding an eyeliner that stays on my waterline. Even the MAC and UD 27/7 seem to smudge or run off my waterline :(

  2. You know it's good when men actually take notice and say something! Otherwise it's 'You look... Different?' like they're not sure what they're seeing, or if they're seeing anything at all. Definitely checking out the Buxom liner now.

    xoxo, Scarlett

  3. I'll have to try this one out. I can't seem to EVER find an eyeliner that stays on. Thanks for the review:)

  4. MAC liners are known as the perfect eye liner for most people

  5. Who makes Buxom? I've been using Urban Decay's 24/7 but it still wears off after a couple hours. :(
    I'm going to try some of this the next time I go to Sephora!

  6. This looks great! I've found that most eyeliners don't last on the inner rim because of tear ducts. I'm curious to try this though, since it's specifically made for them. Great post!


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