The Eye Roller: A Great Innovation or Silly Gimmick? I Try Out Olay's Anti-Aging Eye Roller

I think I've received about... 5 samples of this eye cream. It seems to get sent to me from all sorts of PR reps (none of whom are directly hired by Olay actually, which makes it even more surprising). So, when I recently decided that I had to break a couple month habit of being lazy with eye cream in the morning, it was pretty easy to decide what to try out!

I admit that the packaging of this product is the main reason it appeals to me. Rather than coming in a little pot, this comes in a marker-like package with roller balls on one end. The idea is that you click the button, product is released and you rub it in to your eye area using the little rollers. They are called "precision micro-rollers", which to me makes a BB sound very high tech. I found them to be a little bit annoying and after a few uses just started skipping this step, instead using a finger tip to pat the product into my skin. The most difficult part of the packaging is actually the button to release the product. I think that mine may be very tight or something, because I have a very hard time getting product out. I have to really jam it down on to my counter top to release the product for each use.

So, as much as I might dislike some of the packaging features (though, I admit that the shape is better for fitting in my 3-1-1 bag for travel, so that is a bonus), this is a pretty nice, basic eye cream.

A quick glance at the ingredients does reveal a few ingredients that I love in an eye cream.

- Water
- Glycerin: The main moisturizing ingredient is a humectant rather than an occlusive, which helps with makeup application over the cream.
- Isopropyl Isostearate, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate, Squalane: The next moisturizing ingredients are emollients, also great for makeup application later!
- Peg-100 Stearate: Defoaming agent
- Cyclopentasiloxane: A silicone used to make things move more smoothly, but this one also has emollient properties.
- Glyceryl Stearate: An emulsifier
- Tocopheryl Acetate: Vitamin A basically. Acts as an anti-oxidant and works as a retinoid, though there are other forms that are stronger.
- Caffeine: Yes, this is what you drink in your coffee each day. The caffeine will actually dehydrate the very outer layer of the skin (yes, we do this on purpose after all of those hydrating ingredients) which will actually temporarily tighten the area and make you look more awake. I love to have this ingredient in an eye cream for the day!
- Cetyl Alcohol: An Emulsifier
- Stearyl Alcohol: Emulsifier and emollient
- Dimethicone: Another silicone
- Polysorbate 80: Emulsifier
- Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-4: A Peptide
- Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Carbomer, Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Aminomethyl Propanol, Benzyl Alcohol,
- Methylparaben, Ethylparaben, Propylparaben: Preservatives

So, you can see that there are a lot of hydrating ingredients, and they are emollients and a humectant which are great in eye creams. I love caffeine in an eye cream for the tightening effects, and the presence of a peptide and Vitamin A for anti-aging benefits.... Fantastic!

With use this is a great eye cream. It feels hydrating, absorbs into skin super fast and is perfect underneath makeup. Other than the goofy applicator, I really love this cream and recommend it as a great intro product for those looking for some hydration and basic anti-aging ingredients.

Additional Ingredients: Caffeine (dehydrates the outer layer of skin and will tighten for a few hours)

Olay Regenerist Anti-Aging Eye Roller


  1. I definitely thought this was gimmicky at first. But it's starting to sound like a great product. Thanks!

  2. i was wondering about this stuff. thanks for your opinion!


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