Cover Girl's Shadow Blast: Love It or Hate It?

Cover Girl, Shadow Blast Stick, Review
Well, a few weeks ago I promised everyone that I would try out CoverGirl's ShadowBlast Eye Shadow and let you know what I think. This product comes in a fat marker-like package with a color at each end. Meant to be fast and easy, this shadow seemed to have really polarized a lot of on-line beauty addicts. People either loved it or hated it. Given my recent CG love (I truly think that Pat McGrath has done something to the drinking water over there, they seem to be able to do no wrong), I was optimistic, though I was nervous given the number of complaints I had heard about this product. My trusty CG rep sent me 3 shades to try out, the Silver Sky, Onyx Smoke and Tempest Blue.

First I tried out Silver Sky on its own. I applied it to clean lids (ok, maybe I had some concealer and powder on there, but no primer). The ShadowBlast is a tad oily feeling, almost like a lip balm. It does have some pigmentation thought not a lot. I had to go over an area 2-3 times to achieve the pigmentation level I wanted. I then tried to blend with a fingertip. Whoa, big mistake. Everything came off with barely a tap. I tried again. Same result. I wiped off my lid and tried over. This time I applied the ShadowBlast exactly where I wanted it without needing blending. I left it as is, applied my liner and mascara and went about my day. About lunch I noted that the color was a bit lighter, though still present and there was no creasing or smudging. A few hours later though things went downhill (a lot of creasing) and by about 4 pm nothing was left on my lids other than what had collected in the creases.

The next day I tried using a lid primer first (UDPP). I again applied the shadow without touching it, then waited to see what happened. It did seem that the creasing was decreased, though still present. The color stayed put a tad longer, but I still had bare lids by about 5 pm.

Despite the wear duration and creasing issues I saw after about 6 hours of wear, I did like this product initially. It was easy to use and it really didn't seem to require the blending I wanted to do anyways. The colors were nice and with layering I was able to obtain a more intense look (tip: wait a minute or two between coats to do this). The product was very easy to use, which is perfect for those that are intimidated by a more complex eye look. While it didn't last all day it would be fine for about 5 hours, which is long enough to go out to dinner or a similar activity.

I'd love to see this product in a more powdery version, especially if the wear was longer.

Cover Girl Shadow Blast


  1. I really wanted to try this when I heard about it but am not fond of the colors. Would like to see some better neutrals--they appear too bright for daytime.

  2. It seems it would last better with a dusting of translucent powder over it.

  3. I had the exact same issues with it. It was a total disappearing act and didn't last more than a few hours on my lids, even with primer. I do like the color combinations, though, and the concept. There just wasn't good follow through.

  4. I got caught up in the hype and purchased one of these a while back. I was very disappointed. The color payoff was non-existent from the start but then it creased almost immediately (even with a base/primer)! I tried it a few times to give it the benefit of the doubt and now it sits in my drawer because I can't bring myself to throw $7 in the trash so soon, lol. Save your money folks!


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