Holiday Gift Ideas 2009: Kiehl's Delights Set

holiday gift ideas

This set contains some of my favorite Kiehl's products, and is perfect to give to anyone you think needs a little pampering! I have stashes of the lip balm all over my house (and in my office at work), the hand salve is my favorite hand creme to survival the harsh soap of a hospital, and the creme de corps is a great body lotion! The shampoo is gentle and perfect for almost everyone. It's my favorite travel shampoo!

• Creme de Corps
• Ultimate Strength Hand Salve
• Amino Acid Shampoo
• Lip Balm # 1

$29.00 (A $38.00 VALUE)
I don't have this exact set, but I have purchased all of the products in this set for myself or my husband multiple times.


All Women Stalker said...

I should get one and give it to my aunt :) She loves these stuff... but then again.. who doesn't? :P

Jen said...

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Lyndsay said...

I reckon you should ask for ads fee to Kiehl's hey...even an ex-deal, you've been posting heaps about them...about time for them to acknowledge your effort hey!

sarah - free beauty samples said...

B minus from the packaging of the product.

not attractive at all.

replica handbag said...

I think the best gift can be a set of cosmetics because the girls are fond of cosmetics and they want to try different brands according to fashion.

louis vuitton handbags said...

its kind of nice gift though,it depend who is gonna get it,young girls wont be exited to get it but maybe my mom would be happy to get one of those... yeah,its a mom's gift.

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