Systems Failure

So.... where have I been?

Well, for a few days not inspired about the products I was testing to get myself moving on writing. Then at work for a few days trapped in the Peds ICU craziness that is H1N1. (That stuff is NO joke by the way, please get yourself and your children vaccinated, this is not a government conspiracy) And when I was finally ready to start writing... My computer wouldn't turn on. According to the nice folks at my local Apple Store, my Logic Board has shorted out. A new one is on order and once the repair has taken place I'll be good as new and the whole thing is free since my Apple Care is still active. The bad news is that won't be until Thursday or Friday, and did I mention that I've been working on a big talk for work this week? And I lost a few days of work on it when the computer broke?

So, while I recreate my talk and wait for my computer to be fixed, please be patient! Here are some things that I'm testing out now and will be writing about soon:
In Bloom by Reese Witherspoon, a great white floral fragrance

Cover Girl's newest Blast Collection products, Lip Blast and Blast Length Mascara, the mascara has great length and should be in stores now (I'm layering mine over regular Lash Blast for added volume- wow!) and Lip Blast will be coming out soon. The lip gloss is not sticky, tastes like watermelon Jolly Ranchers (really) and while the colors are super bright it's much more translucent on the lip. Oh, and it lasts for hours!

Sally Hershberger's New Hair Collection, yes a whole collection of hair products from the woman than gave Meg Ryan her famous hair cut! It's been out for a while (and honestly, I've been using it for a while, just haven't gotten around to writing about it). The collection includes shampoo, conditioner and 4 styling products. I find the shampoo to be a bit thick to get out of the bottle and maybe it overstrips my hair a bit, but the conditioner is amazing and the 4 styling products have given me a more "good hair days" than I usually have. It's available now, watch the clip of her on HSN for styling tips.

Patricia Wexler Sensitive Skin Collection, Serum and Peel Dr Wexler is known for her use of MMPI's to fight aging, and she has formulated them here to work for those of us with sensitive skin. The serum works with other moisturizers and is great even under makeup. The peel was sent to me without the directions, so I washed it off after 10 minutes (the result was smother, glowing skin) though I see on-line that you can leave it on. I'll have to try that out. Worth a look next time you're at Bath & Body Works!


  1. Broken computers are so not fun. You don't realize how much you use them til you can't. Good luck on your talk!

  2. I was starting to wonder about you...glad to hear that you're okay! Can't wait to read your reviews!! Take Care!

  3. Gosh, I hate it when it gets crazy at work. It's just starting to hit here in Orange County, the H1N1 craziness. I try and stay away from Hoag as much as possible. I hope you get your computer fixed real soon!

  4. i love your blog, very nice!!! kisses from spain.

    you can visit my blog, kisses

  5. Hey, have you heard about the new Jergens contest? You get to make a video and if you win you get a modeling contract and a trip to NY!


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