Holiday Gift Ideas 2009: Men's Refueling Set

holiday gift ideas

This is the ultimate pampering set for a guy! My husband has pretty sensitive skin, and this shave cream really cuts down how irritation and razor burn for him. I have bought him this set (or the variations of it) for Christmas for years, he'll likely be getting this set too.

• Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash
• Facial Fuel
• “Ultimate Man” Body Scrub Soap
• White Eagle Shave Cream

$28.50 (A $33.50 VALUE)
I don't have this exact set, but I have purchased all of the products in this set for my husband multiple times.


Crystal - Beauty or Bust said...

My guy always said he was fine with cheap shaving cream, that is until he tried the good stuff! Kiehl's is a great brand. I wouldn't hesitate to get this for my guy.

Anonymous said...

This styff is really great

All Women Stalker said...

So it's safe to give your man stuff like these? I have a feeling he might not like it since he stuck to one brand since his puberty :)

Corinna B said...

such a great gift idea! Thank you!!!

Helena said... has a listing off all Kiehl's products and will help you find the best prices on the web by searching over 100 websites.

Lots of men like Kiehls products.

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