Fall Shopping 2009 at Mango

Mango for some reason is a bit underrated. I think there are a lot of people that just don't know about the brand, or haven't had enough exposure for whatever reason. True, there are only a few stores in the US (I was lucky enough to live near one when I was in So Cal, over in South Coast Plaza), but you should check them out. A word of warning- they tend to run small. So, order larger than you usually would.

A few weeks ago I got a press release from them saying they have come out with an even lower priced line that is available in their stores and on-line. So, I decided to head over there and see if there were any great finds!

1. RLC Minidress: Yes, it appears to be just a plain grey dress. Yes, I would agree with my mom that I tend to buy too much grey lately. But, look around the neckline and shoulders! Fantastic pleating!

2. Sunset Dress 2: I love the color, the detail on this dress and I have a feeling it could easily be dressed up or down. Also, it's only $39.

3. Dress Cruela: A slightly sassier version of the LBD that will be just different enough without looking crazy.

4. Boyfriend Jacket: This jacket is perfect for this fall. Throw it over everything.

5. Sateen Suit Jacket: This version of fall's boyfriend jacket is sateen and likely is a bit easier to use for more formal occasions.

6. Chunky Cardigan: This cardigan just makes me want to curl up in front of a fire with a cup of apple cider. Really.

7. Lancel T-Shirt: I'm adding this shirt to my shopping cart as I type! I've been wearing the short sleeve version of this in different colors all summer basically. Clingy, drapey t-shirts with some pleating (I am a bit obsessed with this detail- sorry!), and I'm excited to see it in a long sleeve version for fall.

I have no relationship with this company, other than liking to browse their shop!


charry said...

I totally agree with you on the MNG stuff. I live in the Philippines and they always have work-appropriate clothes.

Henna said...

Christine, I love your fashion round ups... I finally found a blazer I love - from Mango's sister company Zara! It just came out this week and I snapped it up before they ran out of my size. Longer in the back and kind of equestrian-looking in grey. Love it, but I want another one too! I'm going to check out Mango online - there is none in Calgary right now unfortch.

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