Did L'Oreal Dupe Givenchy? A Mascara Showdown!

I love a good deal as much as any other girl. I also love to have long and very full lashes. I am the girl that demands the look of false eye lashes from a mascara.

Last year Givenchy released Phenomen'Eyes, which I tracked down finally at a Sephora after looking everywhere for a few months. (I kept encountering empty display cases and promises that the mascara was "arriving soon... again.") I bought it, brought it home, and promptly forgot about it in my beauty closet. I finally remembered that I hadn't opened the box to review it when I received a sample of L'Oreal's new Telescopic Explosion mascara. It's fairly obvious that they were imitating the incredibly successful Givenchy. But, how is the mass market version?

Read on for more!

You can see from this image that the brushes are fairly similar (go ahead and click that image, I forgot to resize it small so it will popup HUGE on your screen, but then you can really see the bristles). They both feature the round balls of plastic bristles. The Givenchy holds a little bit more mascara and will deposit more at once, but the L'Oreal has longer bristles and can do a better job of separating out lashes.

During application the Givenchy does deposit more mascara, and once I got the hang of using the brush, this did result in a bit more length and volume than the L'Oreal. The difference in the two mascaras is a bit more obvious in these images than in real life. These pictures were taken on the same day, but I did about 3 days of testing with Givenchy on one eye and L'Oreal on the other, and I was the only one that could tell the difference.

Overall I felt that both mascaras offered great length, some volume (you'll get more volume from a volumizing mascara like L'Oreal's Extra Volume Collagen Express, which I love), and did maintain the curl somewhat. The Givenchy was a bit harder to apply since it applied more product at once, but it only required one coat while the L'Oreal was better with two. Both brushes allow you to really "direct" where your lashes go more than a normal brush and are better at getting all the lashes at the corners of your eye, which I loved.

At the end of the day I did feel that the Givenchy held up a little bit better as it had a bit more curl left to the lash. Neither mascara smudged or flaked. The biggest difference that I saw between the two mascaras was removal. The Givenchy is hard to remove completely. Even with a lot of rubbing with my beloved Lancome Bi-Facil remover, there was still mascara on my lashes. The L'Oreal came off with one swipe.

Overall, I liked both mascaras. I'll likely pair them in the future with a volumizing mascara, but I did like the ability to get small lashes and to direct the lashes as well. Both held up well (I saw a bit more curl with Givenchy at the end of the day), but I felt L'Oreal's superior removal probably puts it up over the Givenchy. I'll probably buy a new tube of the Telescopic Explosion when my current tube runs out.

Givenchy Phenomen Eyes
L'Oreal Paris
I got a L'Oreal sample

I bought the Givenchy at Sephora


  1. I will try this. I really like the original version of Telescopic but then I found Clinque's high impact, curling mascara.
    It's my favorite. At least, for right now. I am a mascara fanatic.
    Thanx for the info!

  2. I found the wand very time consuming (L'oreal one)& for that reason I wouldn't buy it again. I guess kinda of a dumb reason not to favor it but it just got to the point where I found the application annoying.

  3. I love the comparison. These type of posts rock my world!

  4. Thank you for this review! Now I know for sure that I want to buy this mascara


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