A Closer Look at Kiehl's Acai Collection

Recently I told you about my trip to the New York Kiehl's store, and the great new products I tried there. One of the new collections was the Organic Acai Collection. This collection has really high amounts of Acai Berry extract, which is a very powerful anti-oxidant. I've now been able to try out the collection more in depth (meaning, I had super cute little lab samples sent to me), so I thought I'd share what I thought!

I was surprised to find how much I loved this whole collection. Obviously I had seen it before and sampled it just on the back of my hand, but I found it even better than expected when I was able to actually use the products myself. I was able to try out 3 products from the collection. The 4th product (the Acai Damage Protecting Mist) is fantastic to spray all over your face to refresh throughout the day. I'll be buying that one next time I'm at a Kiehl's counter, and I really hope they come out with a travel size version. It would be perfect for use on a plane!

Acai Damage-Minimizing Cleanser
I loved this cleanser! It comes in a plastic pump as a liquid. When you pump it out, it becomes as a light foam! It feels very gentle during use, removes all of my makeup (minus mascara, it's not an eye makeup remover) and isn't too harsh on my skin. I had no afterwash tightness or irritation. Overall this is a nice gentle cleanser and the foaming action was fun.

Acai Damage-Repairing Serum
The serum is usually the product in a collection with the highest percentage of active ingredient, so if you buy only 1 product go for the serum. This serum is no exception, and it was my product of choice for daytime use in this collection. It is a light tan color, but don't let you scare you away. It is a light serum and sinks into skin almost immediately and you can not see it on the skin. Trust me, if it doesn't show up on my super pale skin it will not show up on your skin. It leaves the skin feeling dry and there is no residue, unlike some other serums.

I applied this in the am right after the shower, gave it a minute or two to sink in to skin and then followed up with a daily moisturizer for a little added hydration and SPF coverage. (My all time favorite daily moisturizer with SPF is the Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisturizer with SPF 15, it's the one I default to between product testings or to combine with products I am testing.)

Acai Damage-Correcting Moisturizer
I was surprised by how hydrating this moisturizer was for my skin. I was expecting it to be a bit lighter, more along the lines of my beloved Ultra Facial moisturizer. In fact the Acai moisturizer is much thicker (more along the lines of a cream actually), and it feels amazing when going on to the skin. It takes a few minutes to sink into the skin, and is very hydrating. It was a bit too much for my combination skin during the day, so I used it at night. Honestly, it might be just right for me this coming winter so I'll likely give it another shot then.

Kiehl's Organic Acai Collection

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