Breast Cancer Awareness: Origins Peace of Mind

This product is a best seller, and I can see why. This little lotion has Basil, Eucalyptus and Peppermint, ingredients that are proven to produce calm feelings. I love it for nights on-call in the hospital or away from home in a hotel.

Origins will donate $35,000 in connection with the North American sales of Peace of Mind® to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

$10 (0.5 fl. oz/15 ml)

Available at Origins retail stores and select department stores in the USA.


la dolce vita said...

That lotion sounds so soothing..I can't wait to try it.
Thanks for sharing:)

J said...

ooh i'll have to try it! the price is pretty good and they're donating to a good cause!

tokyostargirl said...

I am addicted to this stuff! Relieves my stress in LA traffic for sure!

Penny said...

It's awesome to see a brand contributing to such an important cause. Breast cancer affects so many women and it is important to have information and contribute to the fight against the disease.

Another big brand contributing is Cashmere. They have a limited edition pink bathroom tissue that twenty five cents from every package purchased will be going directly to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

You can find alot of great information on

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