A Better Travel Iron? Ken Paves Tries to Make It

I have to admit that I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Ken Paves. I liked his hair styling products, but think his fake hair products are too shiny. I think he looks a bit. . . different (really, he needs to lay off the fake tanner). But I love what he does to Jessica Simpson's hair. So, I was wondering which way I'd go on his new line of styling tools. He's created a line of styling tools including a curling iron, flat iron (normal and travel) and hair dryer (normal ant travel). Would he hit it out of the park? Or would the appliances not be worth while?

Read on to see what I think.

I tried out the travel flat iron. I already have a travel flat iron from Hana. After a few trips with the Hana it was working fine, though I was finding that I needed the iron to be a bit larger. It was taking longer than I liked to style my hair.

Ken Paves' travel iron is definitely heavier than my travel Hana, but lighter than my regular, everyday flat iron. The iron is a very heavy plastic, it has Silver Tourmaline Ceramic Plates, and the cord easily swivels 360 degrees. It heats up within just a few minutes and reaches a fixed temperature of 410 (the same as my Hana). It doesn't collapse like my Hana, but it does have larger plates and overall is a bit more substantial (and weighs a few ounces more). It also comes with a thermal lined pouch for travel.

I thought it did a great job on my hair and I liked it more than my current Hana travel iron. However, given the extra few ounces and that it is a bit longer it will likely not be used for trips that space is really important (meaning, long travel with limited packing space). I have to admit that I was impressed. I will likely check out the travel hair dryer next time I need a new one.

Ken Paves Travel Flat Iron

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