Adventures in Facial Cleansing: Lisa Hoffman's Spa Facial

Lisa Hoffman Spa Facial Review
I've been a bit preoccupied with other things recently, hence the lack of non-BCA posts. Hopefully that will change, as I'm finally sorting out the huge number of products I have around here to share with you! In fact, the majority of the products hanging out around my house (and being tested out) right now are all facial cleansers in some form or another. I have cleanser, masks and scrubs everywhere right now! So, stay tuned, because every day this week I'll be featuring those products.

Today's featured way of cleaning your face is that little pile of pink tubes. Just what is that? It's a travel spa facial from Lisa Hoffman!

As I have gotten older (and I'm really not even old, so I'm not excited to see how much worse this issue gets), my skin reacts less and less favorably to travel. Particularly when I'm flying and/or staying in a hotel. I tend to become dry, flaky and my complexion is a bit dull. I have more blemishes and overall just don't look like myself. So, I've started traveling with "emergency masques" to combat these issues. But, they take up a lot of space in my bag.

Lisa Hoffman must have had the exact same issue as me. When traveling with her husband (yes, Dustin), she grew tired of having her skin care be so difficult to bring along. So, she has her line of skin care that comes in easy to grab packets. I've featured the "everyday" skin care in the past. This is the Spa Facial, a 10 product facial to go. I recently brought it with me to New York, where I was meeting with Beauty Brands and other Bloggers. I needed to look my best. I had my "backup" usual emergency travel products with me in case the Lisa Hoffman Facial couldn't do the job.

This isn't a quickie facial. It is a spa facial. It has a lot of different steps and from start to finish it took about 45 minutes. There is a cleanser, a scrub, a mud masque and even a super hydrating step that is 2 products you mix together. It's involved, but the results were definitely worth it! My skin was smooth, hydrating and definitely glowing once I was done. The $18 price is a lot less than paying for similar results at a nearby spa, and the 45 minutes forced me to relax a bit.

In the future I'll likely just toss one of these packets into my suitcase. The days of traveling with full size masques is over!

Lisa Hoffman Skincare

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