Waterproof Deodorant from Secret. Really.

secret clinical strength waterproof review
That title isn't a lie. I thought someone was trying to be funny when I first heard that Secret had created a waterproof deodorant. Well, it's not joke, and the stuff really is waterproof.

I tried to really put this deodorant through the wringer (metaphorically speaking, not literally) to test it out. I used it during "normal" days, super warm/humid days and finally applied it to dry skin and then stood under the shower to wet it, and went about my normal day. In all instances it seemed to work exactly the same, which means I wasn't remotely smelly, wet or gross. It was perfect. I haven't tried it out with prolonged water exposure, but it did tolerate being under the direct shower without issues. It has a very light, fresh scent that is subtle and I didn't notice it after a few minutes.

I've decided this is my new summer must have item (ironic to be reviewing it after Labor Day, but C'Est la Vie). It is definitely the deodorant you should be using if you're heading to a beach/pool or you're stuck in a rainforest.

Secret Clinical Strength Waterproof


  1. I know you have done a few of these now (deodorant reviews) but I must admit I haven't followed as often as I should.

    Is this one in the lead at this point, over the Dove and Degree types you have tried.

    Thanks a lot, sorry for the silly question and I'll try to pay better attention.

    Allison M.

  2. Hi Allison!
    Honestly, I can't sort them out in terms of better or not very easily either! For me, I just care if it keeps me dry all day or not. I'm not a sweaty person, so if I feel at all damp that's not a good thing and I'll just throw the deodorant away.

    I did really like the Dove and Degree products, they kept me dry all day, but neither can really hold up to water (I keep thinking of sitting by a pool, take a quick dip and you've lost your deodorant). This product worked all day AND stood up to water.

  3. Thanks Christine!!!

    I have one of those can't be sweaty/smelling job events coming up and sounds like this might be up to the task.

    Don't want to be in front of 60 people with those lovely 1/2 moon perspiration stains on my blouse.

    Allison M.

  4. I JUST started using this deodorant today, so I'm excited to hear that it works for you. Cross your fingers for me! :)

  5. This product could be beneficial for the beach type picnics. I love to use these products when i am on the beach

  6. As a volleyball coach, I have found that the best deodorant for stopping odor is Men's deodorant, Speed Stick. The stuff for ladies just doesn't cut it in a sweaty girls locker room.... No joke! :)

  7. Hands down this is the best deodarant on the market. I've tried everything Dove, Secret, speed stick, Degree, even Secret Clinical regular and nothing, nothing keeps me dry and smelling fresh like this. I went on a trip where I was tubing all day and it still work. I used to get really sweaty through my professional attire and no more. Secret Waterproof, you are my hero!

  8. Christine,

    Just want to report back that I bought this for my job event and it worked perfectly.

    No wetness
    No hint of odor
    No worries

    Did just want you said it would, did the job 100%.


    Allison M.

  9. I think it is just right for me.We have a lot of humidity in our place.
    Can you tell me where I can order it online?

  10. Sounds like a Summer must have!!! perfect for the beach.

    Yet please can someone tell me how you wash it off? would you have to apply soap or scrub very hard?

    Does this not clog pours as it might stay on for much much longer?

    Thanks! Appreciate any words of advice.

  11. I haven't had any problems with it clogging pores. It seems to wash off just fine with a normal amount of scrubbing and soap in the shower.

    I've used it for "important" occasions where sweating would be not good and it's great for those occasions too!


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