Great Drugstore Find: Physician Formula Eye Shadows

When I saw how cool this new palette was from Physician's Formula, I had to share! I know that it's likely been in stores for a bit, but I just found it.

The product is called Shimmer Strips, and you can see that really it's a big brick of 9 different eye shadows. They come in different shades meant to enhance your eye color (this the Bronze set to enhance brown eyes), but you could definitely use a different eye color's set if you wanted. The idea is that each set of 3 shadows is used together to create a look. Going from the lighter shades to the darker shades, that's the "day", "playful" or "night" look. Use the medium shade over the lid, the lightest shade over your brow bone and the darkest shade in the crease of the eye or as a liner.

I found these shadows to be really pretty. They had great shimmer and depth (the pictures later show most of that, but in person they are better) and they are pretty well pigmented for a drugstore product. The shadows blend well and lasted most of a day without shadow primer.

They've also come out with this neat (and super portable) companion product. They call it a 3-in-1, really it's a stick with 2 different ends. The shadows that come out are very easy to blend, and you can use them as a highlighter, a shadow or a liner. Perfect for in your gym bag or for travel! They blend easily at first but are pretty smudge-proof later on and seem to last most of the day.

Read on for swatches....

From the Shimmer Strips palette
The day look:

The playful look:

I know that the playful look is darker in the palette than the day, but lighter on my arm, but really I didn't mislabel them! The playful look here is a touch lighter and is all gold/bronze, where the highlight for the day look is definitely a tad pinker.

The night look:

The 3-in-1

Physician's Formula


  1. I have the Shimmerstrips eyeshadows in 2 different shades (blue eyes and green eyes). They are VERY VERY shimmery, which is a good and bad thing--they're pretty, but using the highlight, brow and crease shades all together can be a bit much. I agree that the pigmentation and lasting power is great. I just wish the shadows weren't so little and close together!

  2. cool..that palette looks like kinda all in 1..
    n well..hi Zwala...been reading ur blog and really love it..:)

  3. This palette looks really similar to a Pop Beauty palette I have. I think bronze shadows look great on any eye color, and are perfect for a more natural smoky eye look. Great post!

  4. Wow I love the Shimmerstrip!! They are exactly the colours of eyeshadow that I always wear (I have brown eyes too)! I really am upset that I don't live in the US as chances are I will never be able to get my hands on one :(


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