Four Amazing Products to Create Softer, Healthier Hair

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I remember my first leave in conditioner. I was in High School, and my stylist recommended I try one to help combat the dryness at the ends of my long hair. Summer had taken it's toll. My mom dutifully bought a bottle of it for me at check out, and I couldn't wait to try it out the next day. The product definitely hydrated my hair, but even a small amount left my hair greasy and weighed down. I think I used the product for a few days and then it got tossed into a drawer of unused products.

Fortunately, hair products have come a long way since then. I was unwilling to try another leave in conditioner until about six months ago, which is when they suddenly started showing up on my doorstep and Shannon (my amazing stylist in California, who I miss dearly) convinced me to try them out. I've tried about ten to date, and some of them are standouts worth mentioning.

So, here are four leave ins that I've tried recently with good results. I've tested them over and over, and I honestly see pretty much the exact same results from all four, so I have no favorite products (for now!). So, buy whichever one strikes your fancy. They all helped my hair look healthy, shiny and soft. None of them weighed it down or made me a grease ball.

Living Proof Leave-In Conditioner
Living Proof put their same anti-frizz technology into their leave in as you will find in their styling products as well as shampoo/conditioner. This product is light, doesn't weigh hair down and seems to even help protect hair from heat. I found that it did help soften my hair and helped make it healthier while even helping with frizz! A great option if you need more smoothing.

Kerastase Ciment Thermique
Kerastase has an amazing reputation for a reason. This L'Oreal line produces real results. This isn't so much a leave-in conditioner as a heat activated "reconstructor milk" to help weakened hair. It definitely helped my hair in a "precut" phase (meaning, those 10 days before you can get a new hair cut and you just feel full of split ends? I think you know the period that I mean). I recommend this product if you subject your hair to heat on a daily basis, it isn't useful without that.

Pureology Instant Repair
This is the product I use if I'm feeling lazy and don't want to dry my hair that day. A light conditioner when applied, it definitely does the job quickly and easily. It doesn't seem to be on Pureology's site now, but it's pretty easily found at other locations on-line and in salons.

AG Hair Cosmetics Split End Spa Repair Serum
AG seems to be a bit hard to find in the US (a shame, because I love them dearly), but they are easily found in Canada. A very small amount of this serum (really more like a milky conditioner) is all that is needed. Apply to ends only and you won't be disappointed. It really works wonders almost immediately! Hair is instantly soft, easier to style and it helps to cut down on frizz as well. Highly recommended.


  1. Too many people are walking around with dry hair...I get the urge to pass out bottles of conditioner to the general public, so I understand your enthusiasm for conditioners!

  2. I have to admit that I have thin, fine hair (even though I have a lot of it) that damages so easily. I can't use any shampoos that have protein in it, and leave-in conditioners really grease up my hair. These products sound very nice, so I will have to give them a try. Thanks for sharing!


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