De-frizz With Just a Different Shampoo: Living Proof

living proof shampoo conditioner review
I've mentioned Living Proof's products in the past. They're the products that work differently than other frizz products and were developed by a scientist at MIT (who really does research similar to my husband, but that's beside the point). You can watch their video to learn more about the products. In the past I've tried out their different styling cremes and sprays, and have found that they really did lessen the amount of time that I have to spend straightening my hair and that it stays straight pretty much all day. But what if you want to skip styling products all together? Or what if you'd like to just use a shampoo and conditioner? Well, luckily they've just come out with those!

The shampoo and conditioner are sulfate free (which makes lots of hair junkies happy. All I know about sulfates is that my stylist in California, Shannon, told me they are bad news). They have a slight citrus scent, though it can be hard to pick up and they are essentially fragrance free. They are both pretty easy to use. The shampoo has a light lather, the conditioner is a bit thicker (which I like), and they both rinse out very easily. The conditioner is a good "everyday" conditioner, meaning that it is definitely hydrating enough but doesn't weigh down your hair. However, if you need a heavy duty conditioner you should be looking at their leave in treatment as well.

The real pay off for using these products comes once you style your hair. My hair is naturally wavy, but not a "good" wavy. I mean I have frizz if I let it air dry. So, I tend to dry and straighten every day. Using this shampoo and conditioner definitely makes my hair easier to style each day, and it looks smoother than with other shampoos/conditioners. While using these products won't allow me to completely abandon all of my styling products, I do think they cut down on product use and I liked using them. Definitely check them out if you're dealing with frizz issues and want to cut down on your styling time!
Living Proof

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