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See those perfect little black jars? I want what is in them. I covet them. They contain amazing anti-aging, miracle skin care. And you need to go and join Ideeli now because they'll be doing a giveaway a select number of gift bags that will include Lifting Firming Day Cream SPF15, Ultra Correction Lift Sculpting Firming Concentrate, Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum and more! The giveaway will be in a very short time and only members can win it.

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So, what exactly is this stuff? I actually was able to meet with Chanel reps when in New York a few weeks ago and learned all about it. It was created with the assistance of Dr. Don Ingber, a professor at Harvard. In a strange twist of fate, this is the second professor that I've heard about developing a high end product in the last 6 months (the other was Dr. Bob Langer and Living Proof) that my husband knows. Both of these guys actually do BioMedical Engineering research in a very related field to my husband. (At this point the real question is when is my professor going to collaborate with Chanel???)

Anyways, Chanel Ultra Correction Lift is amazing stuff. To create it, they decided to think of the cell like a structure, which it really is. It has it's own little micro-structure to hold it up and together, and it changes with time and in response to the environment.

You can very basically model the tissue's architecture with the tensegrity model, which is that little thing pictured above. Even though it just looks like a jumble of sticks held together by elastic. The "stiff" part of the model is collagen and the elastics are elastin, they are held together by tensin. Together they hold up the cell and hold it together. Unfortunately with time the tensin breaks down and the structure can fall down partially or even be destroyed.

Luckily Chanel found a botanical that dramatically increases tensin production. Over time users had improved tone, firmness and reduced signs of aging.

It's definitely on my list of things that I'm yearning for. I'll be entering the contest, will you?

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  1. I LOVE Chanel cosmetics and skincare! Thanks for the info - I totally appreciated your well informed scientific explanation :-)


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