By Lauren Luke is Heading to Sephora!

It's the rare person on You Tube that can become an internet sensation. But, that's certainly what happened to Lauren Luke (Panacea81) who is a single mom in the UK. Lauren just happens to be able to look at any celeb look and create very easy to follow, in depth tutorials that anyone can follow.

This tutorial shows you how to achieve the look seen in the Paramore video, Ignorance, a great smokey eye look.

Lauren's huge following (56 million views and 277,000 followers) has resulted in a makeup line, a book due out October 1st and even a Nintendo DS game, coming out October 9th. Really.

She also has a line of makeup that is now going to be available at Sephora. The line is available in kits, each of which have primers, eye shadows, eye liners and lippies in the palette. They all come with a sheer pink gloss as well.

Personally I'm really looking forward to seeing these products in person. I'm off to watch some You Tube!

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