A Lazy Girl's Friend: Clean and Clear Makeup Dissolving Wipes

Clean and Clear Makeup Dissolving Wipes, review
I can be a lazy, lazy girl. I'm sure that everyone is like this, but I'm just willing to admit it on the internet. I sometimes don't want to wash my face before I go to bed. And if I don't feel like it then I likely just won't do it. But, my skin definitely suffers around those times, so I try not to do it to often. So, in the interest of getting makeup off of my face easily and quickly (and therefore allowing me to stumble into bed in 30 seconds rather than 3 minutes), I started stocking my bathroom with makeup wipes. Mind you, these are products that I only use about once a week, but over time I've noticed that they are definitely not all created equal. Hence, I'm going to start gradually reviewing these as well.

Clean & Clear is typically a brand that is geared toward teens with acne-prone skin. However they seem to be branching out lately, and there are some good products that those of us older than 17 have been missing out on! (Their Daily Facial in shower product and the eye makeup remover are two notable products. I'll be reviewing that eye makeup remover in a few days.)

So, like most makeup wipes these ones are pretty self explanatory. They look like baby wipes, pull them out, wipe on your face, and you are done! No need to wet it down or rinse off afterwards. They remove all makeup in one swipe, whether it is normal or that sometimes stubborn "extended wear" product (in my case, an extended wear lipstick that seems to not come off). The only thing they don't do well is mascara, removing only about half of non-waterproof formulas. In their defense, they don't claim to remove mascara. My skin feels just clean afterwards, no strange film and my skin isn't dried out by them.

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Clean and Clear Makeup Dissolving Wipes


  1. Just the other nite I went to bed without washing my face because I was more than half asleep, tired and lazy. The next day I felt so guilty and thought about trying face wipes but Im afraid of breakouts, dryness, stickiness, etc...Now that you'll be reviewing these items I hope to make a smart and wise purchase. Gracias!

  2. Yay! I hate how my Pond's Cold Cream leaves this oily feeling, but hey, it gets the job done! I'm currently hosting a contest, do you want to join?

  3. Nice! Have you tried Pond's Micro Dermabrasion wipes? They're AWESOME! I think every woman should have a pack of cleansing wipes by her bed (just in case).

    Full review: http://www.beautyorbust.net/?p=2588

  4. I feel lazy sometimes too, but I dunno how I do it, but I manage to finish all the makeup removal routine all the time. I tried once some wipes from L'Oreal and they were just awesome.

  5. Ok, that's it. I am the definition of lady when it comes to removing my eye makeup. Must have these!


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