Estée Lauder Fall 2009 Eye Shadows

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I've already mentioned some of the Estée Lauder Fall 2009 Sensuous Gold Collection, today I wanted to show you the eye quads.

Honestly, in person the colors are better than I could capture in photos. Both quads are textured like "hammered gold" and each shadow has a light overlay of very irridescent colors over it (some of which you can still see in these pictures). Underneath, the colors are soft matte tones. While you can follow the directions on the EL website for an intricate look, I thought that both quads were very well suited to simple washes of color with a little bit of shading on the outer lid and in the crease using the darker colors from the quads. Add a dark liner and you're set!

The shadows blend easily and last all day without fading or caking. Overall both quads are amazing, and I thought worked really well on both me (cool toned) and on my mom (who is warm toned). You can click the image above for a closer look.

Estée Lauder Fall 2009 Eye Shadows


  1. EL shadows are like silk! You can never go wrong with their colors. ( OK, maybe a few of the brights...) But I love the coordination of the color tones and packaging that reminds me why I pay $$$ for nice cosmetics!!

  2. I love Lauder. So luxe and the color payoff is amazing.

  3. I looked for these at my EL counter and they didn't have them yet. So which quad do you think is more suited to warm toned skin? They both look so pretty I can't decide!

  4. Call me dumb but what's the difference between "cool toned" and "warm toned"? Thanks!

  5. These look lovely! I love gold eye shadows. They look great on almost any eye color and really make eyes sparkle! Great post!

  6. Prime Beauty- I'm not sure which one is better for warm skin! I tried them both on my cool toned skin and they looked great, and them my mom (definitely warm toned) also looks great using them both. I'd say they are more warm but somehow work great on cool toned girls.

    Anon- It's really just a difference between what colors you look best in. Warm tones are colors like gold, orange, yellow and brown. Cool tones are colors like pinks and blues. While there is some cross over, that's the general idea and most people are in one category or the other.


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