Can a Deodorant Reduce Your Shaving Time? Dove's Visibly Smooth

Dove's Visibly Smooth, review, deodorant
Most women (Americans at least) are none too fond of underarm hair, and we will do almost anything to get rid of it. While most celebs have theirs permanently removed with lasers and other (more painful) methods, we mere mortals usually have to resort to shaving.

So, when Dove announced Visibly Smooth, I was pretty excited. They said this deodorant would help reduce the appearance of underarm hair over time. What did I hear? It will make the hair go away. I had to try it! Especially since in the past my "go to" deodorant for in between product testings is the Dove Go Fresh solid.

So, the real story is that this deodorant doesn't make the hair grow any slower or get rid of it. Actually, the "active" ingredient is the Pro-Epil complex, which according to Dove is a "mixture of many ingredients, including natural extracts like sunflower oil, and Dove 1/4 translucent moisturizers." They say that over time the ingredients work to make the hair less obvious so that it is easier to shave and that you will need to shave less often. This will take anywhere from weeks to months. While this isn't what I was expecting, it is actually what they claimed. I was just so excited about the idea of less shaving that I dramatically increased what this product can do in my head. And, I'm not alone. A few of my friends have done this as well after seeing the commercials.

After all that hype, how does this deodorant work? Truthfully, I'll be going back to my Dove Go Fresh as an intermediary product for now. Visibly Smooth Solid works just fine as an "everyday" deodorant. It didn't get all over my clothes, dried quickly and did keep me dry. However, when doing anything more taxing or when in the heat, this deodorant just couldn't keep up. As well, I found the Wild Rose scent to be pretty strong, overpowering my perfume for the first 2-3 hours every day.

So, overall it is fine as an everyday deodorant if you like the scent. Don't expect your underarm hair to just disappear, but maybe over a few months it might become "less noticeable".

Dove's Visibly Smooth


  1. I've tried SO many deodorants and antiperspirants and none have worked miracles, so I'm not surprised to hear this one falls a little flat. Thanks for the review.

  2. I never shaved....I'm only waxing and I can say that the result last for almost about 1 month. I've always waxed and right now, like after 10 years of waxing, the hair grows more and more slow, and I'm talking legs too. Is not so painful everywhere, but with time it will be ok. Better wax one time a month than like others that shave every week.

  3. I like you jumped for joy when
    i saw this and have been using it for about two months now.

    For me the most unfortunate side effect of this product is that it does indeed make the hair finer, which then sadly leads to more ingrown hairs, due to this finer hair having more trouble breaking the skin's surface on its own.

    Icky red bumps are not nice. I am still currently being stubborn and thinking it might all adjust itself, but its doubtful.


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