Surprise Favorite Summer Fragrance: Estée Lauder's Pure White Linen Pink Coral

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Sometimes things just randomly show up on my doorstep. About four weeks ago one of my surprise boxes contained this bottle from Estée Lauder. "White Linen? How old fashioned." I thought. I set it down on my bathroom counter. It sat there for about a week or so, when I became curious. I wore it to work one day. And the next. And the next. Pretty soon I'm going to have to hide it in a drawer, since I have other fragrances sitting here waiting to be reviewed.

Overall, this fragrance is definitely a soft, powdery crowd pleaser. I can't even tell you how many compliments I have gotten while wearing it! It is light and fruity with some faint floral leanings. I love how light it is, keeping it from feeling too heavy for hot and humid summer afternoons.

The fragrance opens with a green, crisp leaning which makes me believe that the top note of Apple Blossom predominates on me. This quickly burns off (mostly), though doesn't completely go away. The cherry blossoms come out a bit more and mix with the Apple Blossom, making the scent fruity but not sticky sweet. The Jasmine and Peony both come out after about 30 minutes and a few hours later I think the Honeysuckle comes out as well. Throughout the base note of Sandalwood is there as a powdery accent, but certainly doesn't overwhelm the other notes. It lasts from morning to night with only minor fading of intensity at the end of the day.

Top Notes: Apple Blossom, Clear Aldehydes, Waterfruits, Pink Peppercorns, Chinese Berry Mist
Middle Notes: Jasmine, Pink Peony, Camellia Flower, Cherry Blossom, Sweet Pea, Honeysuckle
Base Notes: Vanilla, Heliotrope, Sandalwood

Overall, I think this is a great choice for summer. It's definitely found a permanent spot in my fragrance collection.

Pure White Linen Pink Coral is available now in both Eau de Parfum Spray and Body Lotion.
Estée Lauder's Pure White Linen Pink Coral


  1. I am quite a fan of EL perfumes and way way back I used to wear the original White Linen. Yours is the 2nd glowing review of Pink Coral and I can't wait for it to be released in the Southern Hemisphere. Hopefully September?

  2. If you wear soft fragrance then it would magnified you smell pleasant.
    And if someone gives good compliment on Perfume's Fragrance than you feel good.........Cheers

  3. That sounds fantastic, I'll have to check it out.


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