Staying Dry: Degree Woman

I actually have had quite a few requests from readers lately all with the same question. What is the best deodorant? I have to say that I was a bit surprised to get this question, but I've decided to start doing more deodorant reviews.

One of the newest on the market comes from Degree, and rather than simply putting out deodorant/antiperspirant they've gone the extra mile and created a matching fragrance. Overall, this is a great deodorant. I was dry all day every day, even when moving or driving through the heat of Arizona during my cross country trip. The collection has three different scents (I tried Classic Romance, which has top notes of Rose and Peony with base notes of citrus and bergamot), and the body mists are light and refreshing without being overwhelming. I thought it lasted most of the day but was very subtle. Don't expect a lot of fragrance from the deodorant, but it was nice to have it compliment rather than compete with my fragrance for the day.
Degree Women


  1. I'm with you, I'd rather something compliment, or not compete, with my other scents.

    I also tried the body mist thanks to beauty fix 3 and it's not bad :)

  2. that's brilliant!!!
    when someone tells me i smell good i feel funny saying "It's my deoderant." now i don't have to!


  3. thanks for this- my deoderant sucks- time to switch!

  4. As to Degree being a good product, I have to disagree :) The level of active ingredients in Degree are lower than that of Secret, Ban, and many other products. I used to use Degree but in the hot and humid weather or southern Georgia, it just didn't hold up. I had to reapply about mid-day to avoid any odor that would scare off my coworkers. I am currently using Avon Feelin' Fresh which has 6% more active ingredient than Degree (degree is like 14.6%, Feelin's Fresh is 20.7%). It's a roll on, which I don't really prefer, but I have yet to have any odor or wetness, which is a big bonus. Best of all, it's less than a buck. I really didn't think it would be any good, to tell the truth. I ordered it on a whim because I was having a bad reaction to Secret, and I am glad I did. The best part is this roll-on is about as strong as the expensive clinical deodorants for a lot less money!

    Another good deodorant is Tom's Long Lasting Deodorant in Apricot. It's all natural, no aluminum derivatives at all which are the main ingredient in almost all commercial deodorants. Even during strenuous, sweaty activities there was no odor, only a bit of an apricot scent. I honestly never thought a natural deodorant would work this well because I had tried one of those "crystal rock" deodorant in the past and within an hour I felt the need to shower because of the odor. Tom's a tad more expensive ($4-$5) so I only get it when it's on sale, but people interested in natural products really should try Tom's. It also comes in Lavender and a scent for men.

    Thanks for the great blog site!

  5. Radar-
    I think that simply looking at the % of available ingredient in different products is very misleading in topically applied products such as moisturizers, ointments and deodorants.

    When things are applied to the skin what is more important than the % of an active ingredient is actually the formulation of the product, which is what really determines how well it absorbs. For example, a product that is a gel will be much more active than a lotion, simply because of the gel, regardless of the % active ingredient available. The other ingredients in the product make a big difference as well.

    I think that deodorants do work differently on people's different chemistry, for whatever reason. For me, during this move across country, Dove, Secret and other brands weren't holding up with the moving/lifting etc in the heat. Only Degree seemed to work.

    I've never tried Toms or Feeling Fresh, I'll have to hunt them down!


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