Personal Help from Dr. Obagi, Yes Really!

Most of us can only dream of a personal visit with a world renowned dermatologist like Dr. Obagi. The man is amazing, with all of his media interviews, celeb clients not to mention the skin care line that I love! Unfortunately, even if you manage to snag that coveted appointment in his office you need to get yourself to Beverly Hills and pay $300 or so for that office visit.

Believe it or not, Dr. Obagi is starting a new program called "Mouse Calls", which will let you submit questions and concerns online and get Dr. Obagi's opinion. Why is he doing this? He says, "it has always frustrated me that people by skincare products blindly. They buy topical lotion in the drugstore because the product is on sale. They buy products for all of the wrong reasons. Maybe I can help change that."

While the Mouse Calls will eventually cost $75 each, for a limited time they are free! So, ask away!
Dr. Obagi Mouse Calls

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Kelz said...

Have you done a mouse call? Has he answered back?

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