Pedicure Bootcamp and Barefeet Fantasy

I've been neglecting my pedicure. Truly, I have. I'm one of those people that are frequently cold, and as such I love, love, love to wear socks and closed toe shoes. Which I do for months on end, even here in Orange County.

However, now that the summer is arriving even I am having trouble not wearing sandals on occasion, which means I need to pay a bit of attention to my neglected toes! I've broken out my ped egg and cuticle remover, but I really needed some heavy duty moisture for my neglected feet.

I decided that I'd try pampering myself. So, rather than going my typical Cetaphil or Vaseline and sock route, I've been using something much more decadent, Barefeet Fantasy by Kenzo! Looking at the list of ingredients, I will admit that this lotion has a lot of typical ingredients such as Shea Butter. However, they do seem to work really, really well. This product has a great light fragrance, which I honestly can't describe other than to say it is light and fresh. The lotion sinks in really well without leaving your feet feeling greasy and a few days into use my feet are definitely softer and looking better already!

I'm not sure that it works any better than another very heavy cream moisturizer, but I've really loved pampering myself with this product. This is one I'm sure I'll return to in the future.
Barefeet Fantasy by Kenzo


  1. Don't know how you feel about pumice v. ped-egg, but I suggest a good pumice-ing before moisturizing. I go barefoot all the live long day and sometimes my cracked, banged up feet need some help. :/ I'll have to check out the Kenzo, though. Anything to kill the calluses.

  2. I can describe the scent! It's like a warm steamer from STarbucks! It reminds me of milk without really smelling like it... am I close or would you not agree with that? I have it on my hands right now and cannot stop sniffing at it!

  3. I appreciate it very much, at least I know from it someone is reading the contents I have here.

  4. Sounds heavenly!
    I, too, use the vaseline/sock routine and I've had sleepless nights because I felt like my feet couldn't breathe..


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