Dial a Shade: Avon's SpectraColor Lipstick

I'm sure by now we've all seen the Jessica Alba Revlon commercial where she changes her foundation shade each day to suit her complexion. I've been strangely allured by this ad. I check virtually every Revlon display I come across, and I've yet to find this foundation in a shade that will suit my complexion.

So, when I saw this new Avon lippie, I had to try it. I wanted it to ease my Revlon foundation cravings. Much like the Revlon product, this is two similar shades that are mixed in different proportions by turning a dial. Want light pink? Dark pink? Or something in between? Well, you can just pick which shade you want, push the button and out it comes.

Should be easy, right? Actually, this is a bit more complicated. Because you have to get that lippie onto your lips in a semi-organized fashion. The packaging actually makes it hard to do so. It comes out of a slanted, hard plastic tip, and if you try to apply from there it only smears the product around on you and creates a huge mess. I've found that once the product has come out if I apply the product to the back of my hand I can mix it there and then apply with either a lip brush or my finger.

The product itself if pretty nice. It feels hydrating, has a medium coverage and the color variations I got with mine (I tried The Pinks) were all very flattering. I liked having a bit more control over the results of mixing 2 lip colors (something I honestly do all the time by carrying around about 10 lip glosses). The Avon also lasts a good 4-5 hours without problems and survives some drinking (though not eating).

All in all, I liked this product. Just not the applicator.

Avon's SpectraColor Lipstick

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