Cellulite: Can You Fix it with a Topical?

Cellulite treatment
We all have it. Pretty much no matter how fat (or thin) you are, chances are that if you are a female over the age of about 22 you have a dimple somewhere on your bottom or thighs. And as we trudge through summer in our bikinis, I'm sure there are a lot of us wishing that we'd lost that extra 5 pounds to help with this issue.

Well, would it have helped? Or can that $50 cream you saw at Bloomie's really smooth the bumps? There was an article yesterday in the NY Times that was an amazingly accurate and easy to read explanation of what cellulite is and what can be done about it. Truly, I encourage you to go and read it now, even if this isn't an issue for you. Why? Because sometime you will find a bump and you'll want to buy a $100 cream to fix it.

What have I been doing about my bumps? Honestly, not much. I try to control my diet a bit, I should exercise but I'm usually too lazy. I haven't tried any of those treatments that kneed you to a pulp. I have tried a few creams, most notably the Biotherm Celluli Laser treatment, which promises improved cellulite in 10 days. I received a freebie travel size tube (and some wand thing with rotating plastic bits to apply it with) sometime in the last year. I let it sit there for quite a while, but finally tried it out a few months ago. I didn't write about the product because really it doesn't live up to the stratospheric promises of no more cellulite. I couldn't see how the wand actually helped at all. Knowing what I know about cellulite (read that NY Times article and you'll know as well about the collagen issues and why a topical won't do a thing to address the underlying issue of the actual collagen architecture in a woman's skin), I couldn't in good faith recommend a cellulite topical treatment.

But really, for a topical cellulite treatment, it does a pretty decent job of what the article describes. It's a light orange gel with a light perfume scent. It quickly and easily absorbs into skin, though it doesn't hydrate at all. The skin is left non-greasy and you can't tell that anything is there. It does have some sort of plumping action because things do look a bit smoother for a bit after application, smoother than they do with just my normal application of Cetaphil Cream. I'm back to normal that night.

So, now that there's a great review of cellulite and exactly what it is, you can decide for yourself if a topical treatment is worth it. I found that one topical treatment did work as expected for a topical treatment, though I haven't tried any others. I do like that the Biotherm has a light scent and absorbs completely, though I would avoid the massaging plastic applicators.


Nicole said...

my 15 month old daughter, who is SKINNY at 19 lbs and 32" tall, has the most adorable little lumps and bumps on the back of her little baby butt and thighs. It was the day that I noticed that that I realized: we all need to get over it.

Winnipeg Makeup Artist said...

I've found Yoga to be the best way to reduce your cellulite! And it's cheap!

JERI's BLOG said...

I would like to know more!

mapple said...

i read a post says that actually cellulite is normal but the commercial cosmetic industry makes it become something abnormal

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