Catching Up and Scrubbing Up

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Once again, I find myself horribly behind in product reviews. Yes, I've been busy in my personal life, so much so that I've even been neglecting myself!

However, I find myself with a bit of extra free time now, so I'm trying to catch up with both my personal care and the blog. So, I've started the process with a massive exfoliation. Literally. I had this Qtica Grapefruit Surprise set sitting around, and as a lover of citrus scents I had to give it a shot. Inside this set are lotion, body wash and a scrub. Not to mention a set of gloves. Gloves??? Yes. Very important gloves.

Honestly, most of this set isn't particularly note worthy. The scent is a perfumed grapefruit, not great and not bad. The lotion is hydrating but not the best or worst I've ever tried. The body wash has a light lather and does clean me, but I found it to be a bit drying on my problem areas (aka- where my ezcema is). The scrub is a bit odd, it's almost a gel with some grit in it. Alone, this is a strange scrub. But, when combined with the exfoliating gloves, the combination is fantastic! Any other scrub or wash is not thick enough to stay within the mesh of the gloves. The gel stays put and works great with the gloves. Together they are a quick and easy way to get just the right amount of exfoliation. I felt shiny new when I emerged from the shower.

So, while I revel in my new found smooth skin, I'll let you know that I'm also working on getting back into sandals (so watch for pedicure stories and some great nail polish colors), I've been testing deodorants, a ton of new makeup and skin care lines, and a lot of other great products. I'm trying to get back into publishing at least a few times a week if not every day. So, stay tuned!
Qtica Grapefruit Surprise Set

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Anonymous said...

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