Jonathan Product Finish Control: Industrial Strength Control

Jonathan Product Finish Control Hair Spray ReviewI recently got this hair spray in my Beauty Fix shipment, which really surprised me. Why? Because this bottle of hairspray is actually rather huge. This hairspray promises strong, brushable hold that adds shine to your hair. I already am a big fan of the White Sands Hairspray, which provides quite a bit of control and is brushable. Would Jonathan measure up?

Actually, Jonathan measures up to the White Sands I love so much very well. Jonathan does have much smell to it, provides a fine mist and easy to use. It does add a bit of shine to your hair, but not so much that you need to worry about looking greasy. The hold from Jonathan is definitely very strong, more so than the White Sands. I would use this more for special occasions or going out rather than every day use. It can be combed through, I did notice that if I actually brushed my hair my style didn't bounce back quite as I wanted it to. However, this spray is flake free, lasts for about 12 hours (really), and I love that is contains thermal and UV filters to help protect my expensive highlights!

For me, this is a great option for times that I need extra hold. Just don't expect hair to be super brushable.

Jonathan Product Finish Control

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