Does Sulfate Free Make a Difference? L'Oreal's New Ever Pure

There's been an increasing buzz about Sulfates and shampoos. Honestly, all I really know about the whole things is that Sulfates are some of the detergents and they are said to dry out your hair and strip the color faster (my stylist Shannon is doing some more research into this and will be educating me and helping me write a post. Pray we get our act together before I move across the country this summer). You should avoid them now. But, I haven't really seen a lot of products on the market that are Sulfate-Free. So, finding one from a big brand like L'Oreal (meaning, should be easy to find) is a huge bonus!

I honestly would not have ever known that there was something "different" about the Ever Pure Moisture shampoo/conditioner duo if such a big deal hadn't been made about how it was sulfate free. They are creamy and have a great rosemary-herbal scent that I loved in my morning shower. The shampoo has a great lather and cleaned my hair without over stripping it. The conditioner was very hydrating and definitely helped my hair which is prone to dryness.

Perhaps the best part of this duo was what they did for my hair. It was shiny and healthy looking, easy to style and insanely soft. The only downside is that I did seem to require a larger than normal amount of product to acheive these results (I filled the center of my palm rather than going with an amount the size of a silver dollar).

L'Oreal's Ever Pure


  1. It's nice to know that there is now a sulfate-free shampoo that has suds, thanks for the heads up!

  2. I know I'm in the minority but the smell of this shampoo was WAY too strong for me. I had my hair-snob friend try it and she loved the way it smelled and the way it worked!

    I'll hope L'Oreal comes out with a milder scent next go round!

  3. I'm def. interested to try this! Thanks for the review

  4. Sulfates are harsh chemicals used to clean car engines. You certainly don't want them on your body.

    Unfortunately, they are also in toothpaste and other personal care products.

    I haven't tried this new L'Oreal brand but will check out the ingredients to consider it.

    Right now I use WEN by Chaz Dean (Sulfate free). I love this line.


  5. I have been using EverPure shampoo, finishing up my first bottle now. My hair is pretty long, and I have had a problem with the shampoo. It seems like my roots are looking dirtier or "greasier" much faster than I've ever had a problem with, while my ends are still so dry. i think the sulfate-free shampoo is good, but it does not seem to clean my roots as thoroughly, and I've had to wash my hair much more often than ever.


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