Biore Skin Preservation

Biore has created a line of skin care products for women from the "Inbetween Nation", those that don't need blemish control but aren't really ready for anti-aging. These are products that are meant to help you hydrate and prevent (hence, the SPF 30 in the daily moisturizer), but they don't contain drying acne treatments or expensive anti-aging ingredients.

I've been using this line for the last month or so and have been pretty happy, despite not exactly fitting into their "Inbetween Nation" definition (I do need some acne control and while I'm still wrinkle free, at 31 I probably should be using more anti-aging products). My skin has been well hydrated and other than a typical pre-monthly blemish, relatively clear. All of the products are ones that I would recommend to a friend, and if I wasn't in need of more anti-aging (and didn't have a huge pile of skin care sitting here waiting for me to test it), I would be pretty happy to keep using these products.

Clean Things Up Cleanser
I really loved this cleanser, for me it is the stand out product of the line. It is pretty gentle, a light green gel that creates a light lather, removes everything very easily, rinses off quickly and that I can even use to remove my eye makeup. I have no after wash tightness or irritation, and I'm pretty sure that this is a cleanser I will purchase again to use between product testings.

Even Smoother Scrub
This is one of those rare facial scrubs that I actually like. I have tested dozens in both my pre- and post-blog life, and very few actually live up to what I think a facial scrub should be. I want small, uniform and not-sharp grit. I want enough of it to feel like I'm doing something. I want it to be easy to rinse off and I don't want to feel like I have to re-wash my face afterwards. The majority of scrubs do not live up to these requirements, especially those from stores such as Target or Walgreen's.

This scrub is pretty good. It has small, even grit. It is easy to use. It rinses off well. I felt like it actually did help me to exfoliate. Add this to the very short list of scrubs that I will recommend.

See The Future Eye Cream
If you don't need a heavy eye cream, this will be a good choice for you. This is a basic hydrating eye cream that does absorb easily and quickly, creating a great base for all but the most stubborn of make up (case in point: the new MAC concealer I recently tested, which needed a more hydrating eye cream than this in order to blend well and last all day without creasing. This cream didn't work with the MAC, but was great with all of my other concealers).

Hard Day's Night Nightly Moisturizer
This is a bit of a heavier lotion than the Daily Moisturizer, though I did wish it was even more hydrating. It absorbs after about 60 seconds and feels pretty good on my skin. It isn't so heavy that I couldn't apply makeup over it if needed (though, it isn't really meant for that). Overall, it is a pretty basic hydrator.

Dual Fusion SPF 30 Daily Moisturizer
This is a bit of an interesting daily moisturizer since it comes in a pump that gives you a white lotion and a light green lotion at once. It reminds me of Aquafresh. There must be some ingredients that aren't quite stable when combined but are fine once on your face. This is a light lotion that does absorb very quickly and easily into my skin. It is just hydrating enough to my skin to prepare it well for makeup, but not so heavy that I become an oily mess by mid-morning. There's basically no scent to this product (another bonus), and I love that rather than the typical SPF 15 it has SPF 30.

Biore Skin Preservation


  1. They've got a cool site too:

  2. wow wonderful ... I ll definitely try these fanatics for my beauty care. I love to do skin care.

  3. Would you still recommend the scrub? They've changed the formula. I loved the original, but the new one doesn't seem to exfoliate as well.

  4. I was also wondering if it's better to use a moisturizer without SPF because you generally only apply moisturizer after you wash your face in the morning and at night. So that means you're not reapplying the sunscreen during the day. And from what I've read, after sunscreen goes 'dormant' (not sure if that's the right word, but basically when it starts to wear off) you're actually more susceptible to the sun's rays than if you weren't wearing sunscreen at all.

  5. I haven't tried the reformulated scrub, so I have no idea. I'm really picky about the grit in my scrub!

    I've never heard that about sunscreen, it doesn't make much sense to me from a medical/scientific perspective and it isn't in any of the dermatology texts that I have, the sunscreen inactivates but it doesn't make your skin more susceptible to sun. Just because your sunscreen is in your moisturizer to start with doesn't mean you aren't reapplying, that's just your first application. You should still be reapplying.


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