MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer Review

mac studio sculpt concealer review
Looking awake is a big goal of mine, and not one that I'm always very successful at. In the past my favorite concealers have needed to be very highly pigmented, easy to blend and I need them to last all day. I won't tolerate caking.

So, when Mac released their new Studio Sculpt concealer last month I was pretty excited to try it out. Mac promises that this concealer is a "creamy concealer that provides full coverage with a natural matte finish. Brushes on with enough blend time to conceal any size of blemish. Rich formulation allows you to use a micro-amount of product to even out skin. Water-resistant and long-wearing."

To me, this sounded like a holy grail product.

For the first week, I was incredibly, incredibly disappointed in it. I found it too thick to blend easily. Once I did get it blended, after an hour or so the area looked horrible. The area no longer looked like I had applied concealer. Well, most of it didn't. There was an odd layer of dry, peeling skin that was most definitely the concealer.

I was getting frustrated. I wanted the concealer to work. I wouldn't accept that MAC could make such an inferior product. So, I changed my eye cream. I went to a more hydrating formula, Prescriptives All You Need+ For Eyes, which is fab and I need to write about soon.

Once I made the change in eye cream, the concealer was acting very differently. I tried a few other creams as well, but it appears that the bottom line is the eye area needs to be very well hydrated. If you are really well hydrated, this concealer is amazing. It is very well pigmented, it blends well, covers up my undereye circles and lasts all day long. Without any peeling off, sinking into creases or anything else. It simply looks perfect all day long.

I haven't tried this on a blemish yet (haven't had a candidate in the past few weeks), but for the undereye area, the secret is moisture. With a well hydrated area I love this concealer.
MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer


  1. I really love your site. Thanks for keeping me updated on all the latest mac products!!

  2. ITA agree about needing to have a hydrated under-eye area to get max benefit out of this concealer. And funny you mentioned the PX eye cream--love that, too! :)

  3. Can't wait to try this one!
    I've had the same problem with the concealer/eye cream dilemma. A good eye cream that seems to work well under ALL concealers is the MAC Fast Response Eye Cream. Moisturizing and not too heavy.


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