The Mid-Winter Hand Ache: Aveeno's Intense Relief Hand Cream

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While I may live in California (for now) even I have hand issues this time of year. They are dry, cold and cracked. They quite frankly just ache. There's not a lot that actually helps, though a bit of time with a paraffin hand bath (must dig mine out) and daily use of hand cream can help quite a bit.

I've made no secret of my long time favorite hand cream, Kiehl's Ultimate Strength. However, not everyone has a Kiehl's location or counter nearby, some don't like to order on-line, etc. Some also don't really like the bit of menthol that I swear is in it, which leads to a bit of tingling with application. And can actually kinda burn if you are really cracked.

So, I thought I'd look at a few other hand lotions I have around here. Are they any good?

The first one I tried out is Aveeno's Intense Relief Hand Cream. Aveeno promises a non-greasy formula that lasts through hand washing, forms " a protective glove against the elements" and even "moisturizes skin for 24 hours."

This formula is a bit thicker than the typical lotion, though not as thick as a cream. It has a faintly oatmeal scent, which I find is pretty typical of Aveeno. The formula is really soothing without the menthol-like burn of the Kiehl's. If your hands are burning or hurting, this one really works wonders. The formula takes a few minutes to sink in completely, and I think that it leaves a slightly greasy feeling behind. It does last through 1-2 hand washings. However, I find I need to reapply every 6-8 hours or so.

Aveeno Intense Relief Hand Cream


  1. I love Aveeno too for dry hands - I find that it lasts longer than most.

  2. Have you tried Bliss' hand lotions - they are AMAZING and they smell great

  3. Hi, if you haven't tried it yet, can I recommend Neutrogena Norwegian Formula? It's my go-to hand cream in the winter. It's super cheap and amazingly rich. It's also quick absorbing and I always choose the Fragrance-Free version (and Fragrance-Free doesn't mean "smells like rotten veggies"-- true to its name, it smells like nothing). As an added bonus, when all ten thousand of my Chapsticks are hiding, I just use it on my lips.

    I've tried Aveeno before, and while its good, once you try Neutrogena Norwegian Formula you'll toss your Aveeno in the bin. Or just use it as body lotion (because I admit that to trash it would be a waste).


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