A Cool Tool: Best Foot File

The Best Foot File Review
What is that little thing? Actually, that's a foot file. Really. And it is one great little tool!

I've used all sorts of items on my feet. Some require batteries, some are demonstrated on TV against balloons. While I'm still using that PedEgg for hard care foot maintenance, sometimes I want just less abrasion. Or I want to clean up after the PedEgg. Whatever. I like to have a foot file in the shower. I like the ones from Best Foot File because the stainless steel won't rust, they're pretty indestructible and when I rinse it off really do feel as though it gets clean. Unlike pumice stones, which make me wonder what is stuck in them.

Best Foot File


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one skeeved by pumice stones! I can never bring myself to use one for more than a few months, if that.

  2. Great post about foundation and other cosmetics..

    keep smile



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